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करूंक कामां यंत्रांच यंत्रां

तरीय मनीस शांत ना

यंत्रां करता कामां तरी

सुशेग आंगाक मात्त ना


बटन दाम, जाता काम

दामून मनीस जाता लांब

कितली बटनां दामचेलीं?

सॊपून लेगीत सोपना काम


मनशाचें जालां यंत्र

धांवत आसता हांगा थंय

बटना दामून जाता पुरो

सुस्कार सॊडूंक वेळ खंय?


यंत्रात यंत्र मेंदूयंत्र

चालूच आसता चॊवीस वरां

लायता सोद नवे नवे

नव्यो तरा, नवी यंत्रा


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I have been following this forum for a long time but I don't see best quality in the Konkani poems thrown here on this site. Why write a poem? what do you convey through your poem? Does it follow the rules of a form of a poem or is it in some category, like sonnet, gazal, etc. It is OK to write poems but it is another to strive to infuse quality into your writings such that everlasting masterpieces are created. This is not criticism but an expectation, for quality enhancement.

- Vrindawan, UAE | 20 th February 2015 20:36


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