Parrikar vows to weed out corruption within one year

PTI, PANAJI | 15 August 2012 17:36 IST

Claiming that corruption continues unabated in Goa, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar today set a one-year deadline from August 16 onwards to clamp down on corruption at lower level.

"The state government aims to weed out corruption from the state by next Independence Day," Parrikar said, addressing the crowd after unfurling tri-colour near the Old Secretariat.

He said corruption at higher level has reduced in the state, but it does exist at the lower levels.

The state government had given time till August 15 for the officers to reform from their corrupt habits.

"Now the time is over. We will start acting on such officers who continue corrupt practice. They will have to face the music," he said.

"I have purposely not been saying zero corruption should be there. But the level of tolerance towards corruption should be zero, so corruption will come to a negligible level," Parrikar said.

Later, addressing a gathering of police officers, the chief minister appealed them to root out corruption at lower level.

The police department should have a vision and also zeal to execute it, he stressed. The government will stress on three crucial aspects – knowledge without character, politics without principles and vision without execution, he said.

"What's the use of you having vision to shun drugs and prostitution in the state, if you don't know to execute it," Parrikar questioned, adding that the department should not get politically influenced.

"Don't get politically influenced beyond a certain limit. There are areas where politicians can come with the request, for example traffic plan for the city. But in case of anti-criminal activities don't allow political influence," the chief minister advised.

The state has been progressing rapidly and government will initiate the measures required to change the lives of common people, Parrikar assured.

The growth on agriculture sector is aimed at six per cent this financial year, while the government has launched several schemes for the benefit of common people, he asserted.

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parrikar has simplemost method of clearing corruption. Take bribe himself and then declare there is no corruption. So overnight there is no corruption in mining department. Overnight there is no illegal mining. Overnight casinos are good. and so on. I wonder why he needs a year, he can do it in 6 months. Maybe because payments take time. Regards!

- bhushan, panaji | 23 rd August 2012 15:25


First and foremost, congratulations on being a first IIT engineer politician. Without praise for your party though, I must say Goa should be proud in having you as a CM.

These are excellent statements from you Mr. Parrikar. But proving corruptions cases is not easy and could take years and lot of hurdles. There is also no strong legislation to take action against MLA's. So it's good start Mr. Parrikar. But only if there is actions and results to show how many people have been booked. Make a start with that statistic. How many cases and how many you win.

If not this will only remain your statement.

- Goenkar, Goa | 18 th August 2012 20:51


To assist Mr Parrikar, I will suggest to him, that the most corrupt Government Depts.are : the Panchayats, RTO, Mining,PWD,BDO, TCP & Goa Police.

These are the departments , where the bulk of Criminals breed and every Goan,bar none, will confirm that.

On another level, I suggest Mr Parrikar looks at those that are disguised as "Self Certified", Social Workers.

- N Fernandes-London, London | 16 th August 2012 15:40


The corruption is there in every place, its a very big task, the government should make committee small group of people to look after the people who are indulging the corruption.

Like in Karnataka, there is Sakal, if the work is not done in specified time, the concerned clerk, or officer has to pay the penalty for the delayed days, more the delay days gets more the penalty/compensation.

There are corruption even housing co-operative societies, the office bearers take all sort of commission etc., how are these malpractices can be stopped.

The builders/contractors are not transferring their rights in the name of the society, the small flat, shop owners don't get time to run after these,as to its difficult for them to adjust their time with their work load.

The government should make some guidelines in this regard to transfer land in the name society.

- readersreply, goa | 16 th August 2012 13:15


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