I don't feel safe living in Ruby: Tawadkar

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 07 January 2014 20:32 IST

Ramesh Tawadkar's office in Phase II of Ruby Residency

“I am not feeling safe in the building of Ruby Residency I live in”, says Ramesh Tawadkar, sports minister and Canacona MLA.

He has also blamed the authorities for not investigating thoroughly the collapse of a slab last year, which had claimed lives of four workers, of the same building that collapsed now.

Tawadkar is living in the Phase I of Ruby Residency while he is having his office in Phase II (shown in the photo).

He denies that the matter of the slab collapse last year was hushed up at his instance.

“I am not involved in this. The municipal authorities are involved in this”, alleged the Canacona MLA.

As he lives in Ruby Residency, he fears that even his building might have been constructed with similar poor quality of construction.

He has thus insisted that the concerned government authorities inspect all the buildings of Bharat Developers in Canacona –Ruby Residency at Chaudi, Bharat Height near Chapoli dam and Palolem Plaza near Palolem beach.

He also assures that nobody involved in this criminal conspiracy will be protected.

Most of the locals who either lost their lives or are injured in the mishap belong to his Velip community.

Tawadkar, living otherwise at Amone, shifted to Ruby Residency at Chaudi after he was elected the Canacona MLA in 2012.

He was earlier the Poinguinim MLA but was elected the Canacona MLA after both the constituencies were merged.

Vijay Pai Khot, again the BJP MLA, was the Canacona MLA for two consecutive terms.

According to Tawadkar, the whole illegality has been committed during the Congress regime as the project had started eight years ago.

While Tawadkar has expressed fear about the building he is living in, Seblina Arhesal, another lady living on the fifth floor of the same building, has expressed similar anguish.

She complains that the whole building was  shaking during monsoons and mud powder pours out if they try to put even a small nail to hang a calendar.

She bought the flat by paying Rs 40 lakh and has been staying here with her family.

Veteran Bollywood actor Asha Parekh has also been living in the same Phase I of Ruby Residency. 

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" I don't feel safe living in Ruby: Tawadkar "-

Does Tawadkar think others feel safe and happy living in Ruby.

This is the same minister who I read in the papers has got a flat and office in the building most likely as a gift for passing the licence for construction and helping with all the formalities for this construction.. Obviously his life is more valuable while others' is not.

- Camilo Fernandes, Cuncolim, Goa | 08 th January 2014 19:43


This bloke now finds it unsafe to live in a free house!

Tawadkar is among the most corrupt legislators of BJP.

आरे पाप्या , तू खंय पावलो? तवड्काराचे हेर भाव गावडोंगरी आणि हेर वाठारा नी वायट परिस्थितीन जीयेतात आणि हो तांच्या जीवार निवडून येवन आता भाटकर जाला.

रुबी पडली आता लुसोफोनिया ची स्टेडीयम केंना पडता ते पळवया.

वा रे पर्रीकारा तुज्या राज्यांत कोणुच भ्रष्टाचारी ना. दोन वर्सा जाली परिवर्तन खंय पावले रे?

फटिंग राजा आनी फोंडान पडल्या प्रजा.

Now all hindu talibaanis from parivar are silent.

- rupesh jhalmi, Malbhat Margao | 08 th January 2014 08:41


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