Bldg collapses in Canacona, 6 dead, 1 alive, over 50 trapped inside

BABESH BORKAR, CANACONA | 04 January 2014 16:31 IST

5-storeyed building collapsed (Photo: Arvind Tengse)

A five –storeyed building under construction collapsed at Chaudi in Canacona today afternoon while over 50 workers were working on different floors.

Six dead bodies have been recovered so far while the Fire Brigade has succeeded in rescuing one worker, who is alive.

Almost over 50 more are feared trapped inside. The toll is expected to rise.

As almost four floors have completely collapsed, the rescue work is becoming tough. 

Fire Brigades from all over Goa have been brought for the rescue work. 

The tragedy occurred today afternoon while the workers were about to stop the work during lunch hour.

Almost all the five floors collapsed with all the workers trapped inside.

Police, fire brigade as well as 108 ambulances have rushed to Canacona for the rescue work.

The building is a part of five-phase project of Ruby Residency, built by Delhi-based Bharat Developers.

According to information, the builder had completed three buildings while construction of two buildings had almost reached completion.

A slab of the same project had collapsed last year. 

Besides government officials, sports minister and Canacona MLA Ramesh Tawadkar as well as ex-MLA Vijay Pai Khot have also rushed to the spot. 

Later in the evening, chief minister Manohar Parrikar also reached the spot. 

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The following persons should be arrested immediately Former Canacona MLA Vijay Poi Khot,Present MLA Tawadkar,Dy.Collector,MMC Chief Officer,MMC Engineer,former Chaudi ward councillor,all the present councilors spcially Hemant Gracias(also contructed illegal Hotel at Tarir and contructing illegal building opposite canacona bus stand),Canacona Mamladar,officials of TCP,official of forest as well all the persons associated with Ruby Contrustion.These all local officials and people representative turn blind after receiving free flats and other gratitudes from mafia Ruby contruction.Slowly and slowly they are destroying every hillocks of canacona,Palolem,chapolim and chaudi.Now let see if Monohar Parrikar would act or settle for free goodies to protect the Ruby construction.People of Canacona would not protest against the builders since 90% canconkars are involved in illegal activities.

- Sandeep Dhume, Canacona | 05 th January 2014 10:03


Firstly, it is always sad to see loss of human life under such tragic circumstances, irrespective who these people stand on the so called Indian 'caste system'. The truth is now small innocent children won't have their father, mother or uncle.

From the images, once can see that there is a lot of loose rubble. This points to a very poor concrete mix and/or insufficient setting time.

These builders have no respect to human life, have no minimum quality standards in their work and just build as quick as they can to make a quick buck. But I do not blame them. Goan politicians and corrupt government officials all of which work on bribes have themselves to blame for this accident. They are the ones who demanded their 'free flats' and other 'perks' from the builders. Obviously the later have to make up for their 'gifts' so obviously they have to cut corners to make up for the revenue lost...

Why did these MLA rush there for? To save their vote? Do they really care about the lives of these very same poor workers whom they pass by everyday by the road side in the comfort of their limousines?

All these buildings that were built recently at super speeds and now fully covered with plaster and paint will not last that long. There will be more disasters to happen with tall buildings in Goa, wait and see.

"It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time." (David Allan Coe)

- Joao Paulo Cota, London | 05 th January 2014 03:31


As much as the past Governments in Goa, the present Government to give 'Step-motherly' treatment to Canacona and similar Talukas of Goa which are on the periphery of the State. All ministers and MLAs combined will have to give an account of their misdeeds and failure and corruption. I wish to tell all the careless MLAs of Goa that there is much greater Power than their delegated power - don't misuse or under use your power.

- ed, canacona | 05 th January 2014 00:58


Goans spend their time insulting and complaining about their present and past elected representatives but have only themselves to blame because they continuously keep electing semi-literate, corrupt, power-hungry, ostentatious councillors, MLAs and other authorities. Every nation gets the government it deserves (Joseph de Maistre). Either elect the right people or accept the crap and shut up.

- Bernardo de Sousa, Switzerland | 04 th January 2014 20:24


Wellcome to Canacona to see how Canacona hills are destroyed by Ruby Residency.The MLA and Councilors are thiefs.

- Goankar, Goa | 04 th January 2014 17:24


Is Canacona MLA is alive? He got free flat from Ruby construction to hide their illegalities along with hefty sum to all the most corrupt councilor of Canacona Municipality. How comes Ruby Construction are destroying chaudi hillock? Probably the MLA would get another flat now to hush-up and to destroy entire canacona. The former Canacona MLA also has a flat in the Ruby Residency.Another corrupt is former councilor Tubki who has sold almost quarter of canacona to outsiders after taking land from Goans.

- Candy, Raia | 04 th January 2014 17:19


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