Babu skips interrogation; goes for a tour

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 03 May 2013 21:50 IST

Congress MLA Babu Kavalekar has sought a week’s time to appear before the Anti Corruption Bureau in disproportionate assets case.

Kavalekar, representing Quepem constituency for the third consecutive term, has been booked by the ACB for amassing disproportionate property in Kerala worth Rs 5.55 crore.

He was summoned by the ACB today for preliminary inquiry, only after which the FIR would be filed against him.

However, Kavalekar –belonging to Dhangar community of tribals – intimated to the ACB that he would appear before them after returning from his family tour.

He had apparently booked his tickets in advance as many MLAs have gone for an outing after completing seven-week long Assembly session yesterday.

“We will interrogate him as soon as he is back”, said ACB SP Bosco George.

The ACB has booked a case against Kavalekar for amassing wealth through illegal means during his seven-year tenure as the chairman of the Industrial Development Corporation.

The ACB gathered certified copies of his assets in Kerala from the sub-registrar office and found that he has not shown it in the affidavit he had sworn before the Election Commission of India, while filing his nomination.

He is believed to have purchased nine properties of rubber plantations near Sabrimala in Kerala.

None of these properties has been shown in the affidavit filed before the Election Commission.

The affidavit shows income returns of him and his wife, worth Rs 17.69 lakh, with a total of Rs 35.38 lakh only.

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Francisco , Goa::

Mr Parrikar has recently stated, there will be a rampage of Prosecutions to follow ,on the criminal acts of MLA`s & Public Servants.

We should hope, Mr Parrikar is being honest and truthful with this claim and it is not just an empty threat.

Mr Parrikar has become well known and Legendary for his U-Turns. This will no doubt also become his "obituary".

If he was to be given a burial, then his Grave-Stone would have had the phrase "NO U-TURNS HERE" written in it.

If Mr Parrikar is to be believed, we will soon be commenting on the others too.

Being from South Goa, my greatest wish is to see the Alemao family (all of them) being prosecuted for crimes against the State and crimes against the people(humanity) of Goa.

God forbid any of them ever coming to power or being elected. They are a disgrace to humanity...& the Christian faith too.

- N.Fernandes, London | 04 th May 2013 12:30


@ Francisco, let us say at least it is a beginning. Probably Babu is on a lawyer hunting tour. Jethmalani may be in Goa!

- John, Goa | 04 th May 2013 03:17


Why pinpoint only Kavalekar as if others are all saints!

- Francisco, Goa | 04 th May 2013 00:14


This Congress MLA, Babu Kavlekar ,has not declared his Gold & Jewellery holdings to the Election Commission..

It would be impossible, that his wife nor he, is not in possession of any Gold or valuable jewellery.

I doubt his wife was given a string of beads ,made of sea-shells,instead of a Manglsutra for her wedding.

What about he wedding rings?

Some other MLA``s have declared this asset.

Why not Kavelkar?

Jewellery is a must in nearly Goan household...whether Hindu or Christian.

I am also surprised, that this mla of Quepem has not even declared his Vehicles.

I guess he must be still using a bicycle or bullock-cart for his transportation. Or perhaps even a mule / donkey!!

Info on this link:

- N.Fernandes, London | 03 rd May 2013 22:09


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