Why corrupt minister 'shall' resign?: Parrikar

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 23 April 2013 18:38 IST

Chief minister Manohar Parrikar does not agree that it should be made mandatory to the ministers to resign once Lokayukta proves corruption charges against them.

While making changes in the Lokayukta amendment bill after the Governor sent it back for reconsideration, he has retained the earlier amendment – the minister ‘may’ resign.

The revised amendment bill of Lokayukta is expected to be tabled in a couple of days in the Assembly.

While bringing these amendments in February, he had claimed that he has brought it on the lines of Karnataka Lokayukta act.

When goanews.com pointed out to him today that Karnataka act has made it compulsory to make the corrupt minister resign with the lines – ‘shall’ resign, he initially claimed that Karnataka act does not have such a provision.

“I have consulted many lawyers in this regard”, he said.

Going further, he said even if Karnataka Lokayukta act has such a provision, “I don’t agree with it.”

According to him, such a compulsion cannot be made, but minister resigns due to public pressure.

“Where did Karnataka chief minister B Yedurappa resign immediately? He had to resign after public pressure”, he argued.

Parrikar was earlier also adamant on not dropping the clause on criminal proceedings against those filing false, frivolous and vexatious complaints.

However, in the revised amendment bill, he has finally dropped the whole clause of Section 19 (A), dealing with Offence and Penalty.

“There is already a provision in the CrPC to deal with such persons. It’s fine if people don’t want it to be repeated in the Lokayukta act”, he said.

In a revised amendment bill, Parrikar however has reduced the cost and compensation the complainant has to pay for false and vexatious complaint, from up to Rs 10 lakh to up to Rs one lakh.

He has also changed the words ‘deemed rejected’ to ‘deemed accepted.’

In case the governor or the chief minister does not act on Lokayukta’s report - which proves corruption charges against the public functionary - till three months, the earlier provision had said the report would be deemed rejected.

After public outcry and the governor sending the bill back for reconsideration, the words have been now changed, stating that the Lokayukta report would be ‘deemed accepted.’ 

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Instead of going through all lacunae of the Lokayukta bill, let it get implemented first. Any shortcomings can be improved later on. Instead of wasting time on discussion let the Lokayukt start functioning. It is better to have something than nothing at all.

What is required is civil society must get stronger with the support of citizens. There is tremendous embezzlement of funds by the concerned politicians in power. There is shameless loot of public money. Unless civil society put pressure on the politicians and get them replaced in every election the loot would continue. Now is the time to make strong public opinion against the corrupt politicians so much so that to make them outcast from society so that the elected representative won't dare to misuse the public money for his own benefit or profit.

- Mahendra, Ponda, Goa | 13 th May 2013 15:28


Domnick , Goa :::

The Congress wallas and a few BJP wallas too have all become Super-Rich or Super wealthy by "feasting" (like parasites) on Taxpayers Money and Government Money.

Every Government Contract or scheme is any an easy prey or pot of gold,for these corrupt vultures.

- N.Fernandes, London | 12 th May 2013 23:27


Congress Government ruin the country corruption,looting,

biribery, and goondagiri. People should dicide next

election giving top lesson. Every corner the congress

ministers and politicians have heavy assets. How come this

assets, properties.huge balance, bunglows etc are

lotted to the public. Every politician and minister have

castle built up from where they got this money.Property

owned by minister which belong to public/government. BJP

Government or Supreme Court have to intervene and

furnish. these details from every ministers belong to the

congress party.People must elect clean government next

election. You see Bansal, Suresh, Babush, Churchill. Ravi,

Rane, Digamber, Luisinhoand so many other are so rich

how they climb.,

- Domnick, Goa | 12 th May 2013 13:58


Human made laws are endless and will continue to grow with modern technology. Only that the "intentions" of the thinking of Politician has to be for the welfare of PEOPLE

and not for any selfish interests.

- Damodar Bale, Margao-Goa | 23 rd April 2013 21:34


Quite a bizarre logic from the Chief Minister.

I guess his next claim will be, that the Press has taken him out of context.

He will then try and re-invent his logic .

Why prosecute a Minister and Chief Minister at the Lokayukta, knowing that regardless of him/Her proving to be corrupt, he will go scot free, while other Government Officials or common man will have to face penalties.

Truly Absurd.

Even children get punished for mis-behaving, to correct their errant ways.

No wonder, Corruption in Goa is rife and very prevalent amongst its Ministers.

- N.Fernandes, London | 23 rd April 2013 19:29


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