Too early to judge magnitute of corruption: Reddy

PTI, PANAJI | 06 April 2013 15:41 IST

Goa's newly appointed Lokayukta today said it is premature for him to talk about magnitude of corruption in the state, but asserted all efforts would be made to curb the menace.

“It’s too early for me to speak about the nature, extent and magnitude of Corruption in Goa.  It would be premature on my part to speculate,” Reddy told PTI.

“But one thing I assure is that all possible steps within the structure of the act shall be taken in order to curb menace of corruption at whatever level it may be,” he added.

Reddy was sworn in as the first ever Lokayukta for Goa on March 16 by Goa Governor, amidst amidst opposition from the political parties like Congress. He has started functioning from April 5 onwards.

Responding to the possible amendments to Goa Lokayukta Bill 2013, which has courted controversy for two of its objectionable clauses, Reddy said that it is too early make any suggestions.

“It is too early to make suggestions on the amendments for the bill,” Reddy told PTI today, adding that he would be able to speak about it later. “I would be in a better position to suggest the amendments that may be required to add more teeth to the institution of lokayukta, at a later stage, so that it can serve the people better,” he said.

“I believe the legislative assembly is taking a fresh look and in such circumstances it would not be possible for me to make any comment about the possible view legislature may take,” Reddy commented.

The RTI activists like Aam Admi Party’s Prashant Bhushan had suggested amendments to Goa Lokayukta bill 2013. The activists were opposed to the clause suggesting hefty penalty on frivolous complaints and also had inserted a clause wherein if recommendations of Lokayukta are not accepted, they would be deemed rejected.

“Personally I believe that institution of Lokayukta should be people-friendly but at the same time all possible steps may be taken to avoid frivolous, vexatious and speculative complaints initiated with personal motives,” Reddy said.

On the deemed rejection clause, Reddy commented that he don’t believe that the report of Lokayukta would be casually dealt wit by any of the public functionaries whosoever high they may be.

When asked whether he would look at the benchmark set by Former Karnataka lokayukta Justice Santosh Hegde in dealing with corruption cases, Reddy said that he will start from the fresh perspective in Goa. “No doubt Justice Hegde happens to be senior colleague who did pioneering work as Karnataka Lokayukta,” he commented.

Reddy said that the efforts would be made to ensure that cases are disposed off expediously as he does not belive in keeping the matters pending without any justifiable cause. 

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