Mining crisis looms large on IFFI

PTI, PANAJI | 21 November 2012 19:55 IST

The crisis looming large on Goa's mining industry has cast its shadow on the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) which is currently underway in Goa.

The organisers have cut short their plans to have mega shows across the state as a part of peripheral activity for the festival, while the main opposition party Congress has said that peripheral activities should have been curtailed further.

During IFFI there will be cultural programmes and screening of movies on the beaches at 16 locations across the state.

The state's economy is currently fearing crisis after iron ore exports from Goa were halted following Supreme Court order.

"We wanted to have mega shows. But we have decided to keep the peripheral activities low profile," said Vishnu Wagh , the vice chairman of Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG), a Goa government run agency.

Wagh said the cultural shows will showcase local singers, dancers and instrumentalists. "Performing art is a precursor to the film, that is why we have given importance to such shows," he said.

Congress has termed expenditure on these cultural peripheral activities as a 'waste'.

"It is a waste of money. These activities should have been curtailed when economy is in the crisis," Goa Congress unit president Subhash Shirodkar said.

Shirodkar said Goa is not in a mood to celebrate.

"The economy in the interior of Goa is going from bad to worse due to stoppage of mining activity," he said.

Around two lakh people are directly affected with the mining halt in the state. The SC ordered to halt of the transport and extraction of the ore due to the allegations of illegal mining in the state.

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Subhash Shirodkar himself is involved in mining related activities. Banning mining will affect his source of income along with other congressmen. Congress was mainly responsible for illegal mining. Shirodkar is shedding crocodile tears in the name of mining closure and pin points IFFI expenses is a waste. What is the condition of Ravindra Bhavan in Margao after one year? Is it not a waste? when congress loots Aam admi, it is termed as expenditure for public cause, and when Parrikar spends money for public cause, then it is termed as waste?

Mining in Goa deserves to be banned permanently due to excessive extraction of ore by few mine owners. Shirodkar and his colleagues must have immensely benefitted out of this illegal mining. Now that pointing fingures to Parrrikar and claiming that he is responsible for mining closure is totally illogical. If at all the mining is closed, it is due to congress governments support to illegal mining during last decade. This mining rape of Goa had to be stopped and Parrikar had to act,which was a wise thing to do. SC has further confirmed the closure. Let the law take its own course. But for a law abiding patriotic Goan, MINING MUST BE BANNED IN GOA AND ALL THE PITS MUST BE RESTORED! Rs. 35,000 crores must be recovered from the mine owners.

- Ratikant, UAE | 21 st November 2012 22:34


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