Tainted officers to be blacklisted

PTI, PANAJI | 09 April 2012 16:32 IST

In a bid to weed out corruption, Goa Government will now maintain a list of tainted officials and keep them away from sensitive departments if they fail to improve their conduct over a period of time.

State Vigilance Department has issued a circular to all the Heads of Departments (HoDs) to prepare a list of the officers having "doubtful integrity" and the ones who might have been involved in corrupt practices.

Similar lists naming points or places of corruption, unscrupulous contractors, supplies or firms and that of unscrupulous contact persons (who might facilitate corruption), will also be maintained.

Superintendent of Police (Anti-Corruption) Bosco George said that there was a lot of information available with various departments of the government which can be used to provide "clean and efficient" administration.

The vigilance department will conduct annual review and name of the officer can be dropped from the list, if he is found to have improved his conduct over a period of time.

"It's an entire exercise to give corruption-free governance," George said.

He added that those officers whose names figure in the list will be kept away from sensitive departments.

Vigilance department has told all the HoDs that the list will be confidential and they will be responsible for its safe custody and it is their duty to ensure that the contents of the list are not leaked.

A senior officer said that the circular in this regard was earlier issued during 2005 when Manohar Parrikar was chief minister before he was dislodged in a political coup.

The circular remained buried in the files during the successive Congress-led governments.

After coming to power on March 9, Parrikar asked the vigilance department to reissue the notification in order to keep a tab on the "moles" in government departments and also in the state-run corporations or public sector undertakings.

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Public (Peoples) Servants are always Sad & someone is always Sick in their House because of CURSES they have of the Common Man. They shout at the Common Man if they are the Boss and Common Man are their Servants. Public (Peoples) Servant must always remember that this Common Man pay their Salaries and not the Government because this Common Man pays Taxes to the Government and return Government pays Salary to the Peoples Servant from the Common Man Hard Earn Money. Public (Peoples) Servant must obey Common Man to get Blessings from the GOD and get rid of Curses which they have of the Common Man in their Family. TEARS which they give to the Common Man make these Public (Peoples) Servants Family Life Miserable & Full of Curses.

- Jack De Goan, Goa | 10 th January 2020 20:22


All the tainted officers should be blacklisted and C.M. should allot them separate department were if they want also they wont be able to make curruption, since they are paid half salary. Goverment should make use of such tainted officers by punishing them.

- nandu naik, porvorim | 18 th April 2012 17:00


generally offiicials at large become overconfidant over a period of their contineous service at one place. some of them emphasize more on finding loopholes and wayouts. corruption crop up in them during the process of safeguarding the vested interest of politicians. the full system is geared up under the law of " YATHA RAJA, TATHA PRAJA".

The new KING is intelligent and vigil. his vision is sharp as eagle and vide like peacock feathers in every angle. corrupts too appreciate and qualify his good administration indirectly. lets hope for better and clean Goa.

- mahesh, panaji | 14 th April 2012 22:15


Who will keep a check on HODs,what if HOD's use this as a tool against sincier officials?

- Sanjay Prabhu, Shiroda | 11 th April 2012 05:18


One of the most notoriously corrupt Government departments is Goa Police.The Mamlatdar and Collectors offices along with local Panchayats & TCP/BDO are also known to be hotbeds of blatant corruption.Ask any Goan,rich or poor old or young,sick or able and they will confirm this.The RTO too is well known to harbour corrupt officers.If any Government worth it`s salt, wishes to know,where corruption is rife,it needs to look at Media forums.Many Heads of Departments do not directly interact with the common man.He usually uses the services of Peons and lower officials & clerks to conduct his neffarious activities.Bribes collected are usually split.Heads of Departments usually hold discussions ,with lower staff to discuss tricks and a modus operandi on how to get or obtain a bribe.One of the most commonest & simplest forms of invoking bribery is by delaying clients official work or claiming Files have been lost.This is the daily gripe of all Goans.The come today,come tomorrow, or come day after tommorrow, to get you work done is also very common.Due to this frustration, many Goans are forced to part with a bribe to ensure prompt service,so that they can carry on with other issuesaffecting their daily lives.Digamber Kamat promised to rectify this evil, affecting nearly every Goan,but unfortunately he went to sleep or ran away to New Delhi.Lets us hope Mr Parrikar will continue with his steadfast promise,from where he left off some years ago.Actions such as these by Government officials has held back the development of Goa.Money which Goans should have spent to oil the economy & in turn development,has been taken as a bribe by officials to salt away in Banks,ad quite often Banked out of State or abroad,to avoid detection.I challenge any Goan,to confirm that they have never been a victim of Bribes.

- N.Fernandes, London | 09 th April 2012 20:18


Bravo our New CM Mr. Manohar Parikkar. Do not worry

about doing good for people and cleaning congress

dusts.Congress government in Goa done terrible

mess and corruption every corner and such as tainted

officers in government still alive such as Sub Registrar office, Mamlatdar/collector office, town planning. electricity dept, panchanyat etc.. Keep track on those department and order vigilance dept to keep eyes on those officers who claim bribe and delays public works. Such officer filled by congress government and feed them with bribe and corruption. No feeding no goods deliver to the people of Goa.Every congress

members or ministers are rich how come? bribe corruption etc full dirty blood in their veins.People must

support of CM, your efforts make great to our CM to clean those garbage, specially place by congress.

Sir, Manohar Parrikar do not worry about tomorrow

do the best today so people will remember you as you

done last time Baina still we remember that.

- Domnick Rodrigues, Bahrain | 09 th April 2012 17:39


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