Kandolkar allegedly now attacks Faldesai with a 'glass'

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 18 January 2014 22:34 IST

Kiran Kandolkar hit a glass on the head, injuring his colleague Subhash Faldesai, both MLAs of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, not in Goa but in Delhi.

The news broke out by afternoon but could not be confirmed till late evening as none of these MLAs confirmed it.

Sources at Goa Sadan in Delhi however confirmed that Faldesai was even admitted in the hospital past 3 in the morning today, as he received injury due to the attack.

The cause of verbal scuffle that ended into hitting a glass on head is still not known.

Faldesai, who reached Goa today evening wearing a monkey cap, denied the news of attack but refused to confirm it visibly by removing his cap.

The Nationalist Congress Party, by evening, released a blood-stained kurta Faldesai was wearing, which shows the intensity of attack and the bleeding.

“I slipped and fell at Goa Sadan. The story of Kandolkar hitting me is a rumour” claimed Faldesai. Sources said he received six stitches.

Chief minister Manohar Parrikar, who also arrived by the same flight, wondered why the media should be worried when there is no complaint of the attack from any side.

Parrikar, along with few party MLAs, had gone to Delhi for BJP national executive meeting and were staying at Goa Sadan in Delhi.

It is learnt that the arguments between the two MLAs, while sitting till late, turned hot, leading to this attack.

Kandolkar was recently in news with yet another party colleague, Vishnu Wagh, complaining to the police that former’s party workers attacked him and smashed his car at Nanora on 19 December.\


Faldesai, at this moment, had come out strongly in support of Kandolkar, countering Wagh.

Now, Faldesai is reportedly the victim of Kandolkar’s direct attack on him in Delhi.

“Is drinking and fighting taught at the national executive of the BJP,” asked NCP spokesperson Trajan D’Mello at a press conference, while releasing the photo of the blood-soaked kurta Faldesai was allegedly wearing.

NCP local chief Nilkanth Halarnkar, rival of Tivim MLA Kandolkar, was also present at the press conference.

Jitendra Deshprabhu, the Congress spokesman, on the other hand demanded that Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal should probe into the incident. 

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When Parrikar was asked about the brawl in delhi he said no MLA has complained in that matter.In Tarun Tejpals case did the woman vicrim of rape complain to you?Then why was parrikar so active in putting Tej pal behind bars?This shows your colour.It is time up Mr U Turn.You have fooled the people of goa enough.

- Paul Borges, Abu Dhabi | 28 th January 2014 07:58


Bernardo de Sousa , Switzerland

Theoretically or parochially speaking,what you say is correct.

However the reality is very different.

I hope you are aware that "nearly" every candidate buys votes.

I have personally witnessed Agents of the Candidates ,moving from house to house ,dishing out bundles of rupee notes to voters, for their votes.

Is this what you refer to as; free, fair and democratic elections.

Is this fair on the candidates that do not have the financial means to buy votes?

Is the flavour of Democracy meant to be different in India/Goa.?

- N.Fernandes, London | 23 rd January 2014 14:39


@N. Fernandes: Kiran Kandolkar was elected democratically by his constituents. If, as you state, he is known for his drunken brawls as well as ruthless and unsavoury character, his constituents must be fully aware of these facts. If inspite of these serious shortcomings, they chose to elect him in free, fair and democratic elections, then Goans have only themselves to blame and deserve what they are getting.

- Bernardo de Sousa, Switzerland | 22 nd January 2014 16:24


Manohar and his RSS coterie is nothing different from the Congress. In fact it is even worse, because there is no room for dissent in BJP. Every time someone protests, has to face the blind saffron brigade. Patronizing the anti social elements is necessary for the power and money.

Earlier there was only Churchil and Babush known for their arm twisting methods but they too never attacked their own colleagues.

Manohar is a typical politician, nothing different. Who can forget him defending Babush during the infamous sex racket?

मनुबाब बेस बरे जाणा, सत्तेचे म्होव चाखुंक सगळी नाडेपेंना करची पडटात. विरोधी बांकार बसून हड्डे धोडावन बॉब मारून आपुण कसो वेगळो हाची जायरात करून कॉंग्रेस वाले नालायक हे सांगप आनी सत्ता घेवप तशे सोपे कारण काँग्रेसवाले आपल्या हातानी आपलो फोंड खणपी भस्मासुर पुण आपल्या करण्यांनी पर्रिकरन भाजप आनी कॉंग्रेस कशे एकेच माळेचे मणी हेंच प्रोवार केला. लज नाशिल्ले राजकारणी .खय गेलो फोग (FOGG) ? गोयकारांच्या कर्माचो भोग.

- Rajan Kamat, Mapusa | 21 st January 2014 08:11


Goans should not be worried if BJP MLA`s kill each other.

After all, there will be 2 less corrupt politicians to worry about and 2 less mouths to be fed.

Mr Parrikar too, fails to understand why the Public are concerned about the "reported" behaviour of these MLA`s.

I wonder how long, the CM Parrikar can keep sweeping all the Dirtbags in his Party under the carpet.

It seems like Mr Parrikar is losing control of the mobsters(goondas) in is Party & inner-circle.

This incident and others to follow are not due to a Power struggle...but due to who should get a larger share of the loot, commission's & corrupt money.

I have learnt ,from reliable sources that Kiran Kandolkar is well known for his drunken brawls .

He was involved in a similar incident on a trip/trips to Dubai.

He is lucky, Goa does not have " public flogging" as punishment.

Kiran Kandolkas facial profile indicates a very ruthless and unsavoury character. His only method of obtaining power and maintaining it, may be through violence or the mere threat of it.

It was Vishnu Wagh, now Subash Faldessai. I wonder who next? ...And will he be 3rd time lucky to get away unscathed & scot-free?

Is it time to cage such human animals ?

- N.Fernandes, London | 20 th January 2014 14:45


As an aftermath of that bloody drunken late midnight brawl at the Goa Niwas in Delhi, all the BJP MLAs have now been banned from consuming liquor unless it is in plastic or paper cups under Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar’s discretionary quota and CCTV monitored. May be it is a step too late in the wrong direction.

Have we reached a stage where our elected MLAs will have to be monitored with an alcoholmeter and a head gear to guard their scalp? Maybe the BJP should opt for NaMo’s tea therapy. But for a fascist agenda driven party which was obsessed for and now intoxicated with power, the brunt of that hangover the people of Goa will have to live with till the next Parivartan.

With the growing restlessness and high levels of intolerance being demonstrated by ruling party MLA’s and Ministers, the Chief Minister Mr. Manohar Parrikar for the rest of his tenure is going to be pre-occupied managing some of his lawless and disorderly ruling legislators.

Yesterday on being questioned about his MLA being badly bruised after that brawl in Delhi, Mr. Manohar Parrikar in his usual crafty reply said that it should be nobody’s concern if the wounded MLA himself did not have a grouse.

Mr. Chief Minister why then did you have to take Suo Motu action in the Tarun Tejpal case when the alleged victim did not herself even complain? Just one more instance of the rabid double standards by Manohar Parrikar. Sorrowing lies our Goa.

- Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar | 19 th January 2014 15:53


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