Collapsed building block was approved by BJP: Cong

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 06 January 2014 23:53 IST

Congress has demanded judicial probe into the building collapse mishap in Canacona, alleging that the approval to construct the third block of three buildings, which collapsed, was issued during the current BJP regime.

Goa Pradesh Congress Committee president John Fernandes today alleged that the permission for the third block of buildings was given under the revised plan, hardly 11 months ago.

During a press conference held earlier, chief minister Manohar Parrikar had alleged that the whole project had come up and approved during the Congress regime.

“All the clearances for this project were given in 2010 during the Congress regime, except approval for a minor revised plan on 25 March 2013”, said the chief minister.

However, according to Fernandes, the revised plan was a major revision, allowing the third block of three buildings over a water body.

The same buildings are collapsing now and one building has created a major mishap, said Fernandes.

He also alleged that the third block was built by cutting the hillock having a gradient of over 45 degrees, which is not allowed by law.

He also wondered why local BJP MLA and sports minister Ramesh Tawadkar is having a residential flat in one phase and his office in the second phase of Ruby Residency. 

He addressed the media in the capital today after visiting the mishap site in Canacona, almost 75 kms away from here, in the southernmost taluka.

Meanwhile, opposition leader Pratapsing Rane visited the site yesterday while South Goa MP Francisco Sardinha reached the site today morning.

Meanwhile, the Nationalist Congress Party also demanded judicial inquiry into the mishap, stating that the Jha committee will not be able to do justice to the issue, having no experience in the field.

No leader of the NCP however has visited the site till date.

They plan to visit Canacona tomorrow. 

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rightly or wrongly the fact remains that tawadkar had a flat and and office in the building. As per his own admission he bought it by assembly loan which is either interest free or at minimal interest of 2% per anum. Now the question is why on earth he chose the same building and the same builder. answer is simple. to look other way when the building was committing all the illegalities. builder must have given him money in cash equivalent to the price of building.

- Jayesh Nayak, Porvorim | 09 th January 2014 19:55


If at all and whenever BJP & RSS wke up they will find their major, han dicap, they havebeen concentrating on inconsequential aspects of issues at hand. Congress in Goa and its corruption. In doing so they forget to recognize that BJP people are from the same soil and water of Goa, do not lag behind Congress in corruption in any way, speed, amount or callousness

- Kalidas Sawkar, Panaji Goa | 07 th January 2014 10:50


I thought the Congress had at least learn't a lesson or two from their experience in the last assembly elections, and appointed a sensible person as their chief in Goa, turns to be other way round. Joining the BJP in trying to blame each other instead of trying to solve the problem first and sympathize with the affected people, at the same time trying to save face for Goa, these idiots are out to garner political mileage from this incident. Looks like both sides keep on praying to their GODS for some tragedy to strike, so they can strike. What a pity.!!!!

Alas! when will we begin to change and stop being selfish and stupid????

- Jaret de Silva, Chandor | 07 th January 2014 08:28


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