Valanka elected Goa's new Youth Cong chief

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 05 August 2013 23:31 IST

Valanka Alemao, daughter of Congress heavweight Churchill, was today elected as the president of Goa Pradesh Youth Congress Committee.

She defeated her rival Xavier Fialho by 168 votes.

While Valanka polled 530 votes, Fialho secured 362 votes.

He will be now the state vice president of the GPYC.

Jayandra Ramola announced the results as the returning officer.

Only three votes were discarded as invalid.

Varad Mardolkar and Gauri Shirodkar, two more contenders for the chief’s post, could secure only 92 and 38 votes respectively.

Gautam Bhagat, yet another contender, secured 33 votes.

All three of them would be now GPYC executive committee members.

There was yet another contestant – Savio Alemao, who could secure only three votes.

He will not be the part of the state GPYC since he did not poll the minimum requirement of 22 votes, said Ramola. 

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Previous Comments

Churchill Alemao is always referred in the news as "A Congress Heavyweight".

Is this due to him being weighted down with "Bullions" of golden coloured metal or "Biscuits" of some shiny precious metal??.

What also intrigues me, is why is Valanka Alemao always accompanied by a "Posse" of her family members, or a "Battalion of them"? Does she need her siblings to hold her hands like we do with little children?

I am sure at her age Valanka does not require feeding of lactates or fructose every 4 hours and an intermittent change of Diapers (Pampers) when nature calls.

I am further intrigued when I see some of Valanka`s family members strutting their stuff, like zoo monkeys, that have been rewarded with a bunch of Bananas.

I think a sort of miracle took place in Goa after her win at the GYPC elections. I did not see many self-Congratulatory & self paid advertisements' in any Prominent printed dailies.

Have the coterie of usual well-wishers disappeared or weren't any of them given a reminder.? Or are they all feeling a financial burden from the cost of onions.?

Praising themselves along with self -aggrandisement is a Trade Mark of the Alemao family. They cannot live on Mother Earth ,without flattering themselves and roping in others to do the same.

I was looking forward to the Advertisments...but am wondering if the lack of them is due to a lack of private funds or a diminishing income from 10% PWD commissions?

Or may be they have been postponed due to the Monsoons in Goa.

- N.Fernandes, London | 07 th August 2013 20:33


She is Good Man...

- Jose, GOA(UK) | 07 th August 2013 04:17


"heavweight "? Poorly written report. Sorry but constructive criticism.

- Heavyweight, Timbaktu | 07 th August 2013 04:05


Being elected by 530 out of 1100 Congress youth (only), is no great achievement.

A true test will be all Goan Youth.

The South had more Youth Congress voters than the North. With such a disproportion, it was a foregone conclusion.

Observers have also noted that Valanka was sponsored by her Congress Godfathers. Money or other promises of some form, must have played its part.

The Alemaos are never known to win on merit. Their win is more than often attributed to Money and the corrupt use of it.

In her previous assignments in the Congress Party, Valanka has made no great contribution.

There is a huge difference between a real "Aspiring Politician" and a "Sociopath". Valanka is more of the latter.

Valanka`s personal & dedicated website New sunrise,has now been suspended(not closed). Most likely due to lack of interest from anyone.

Her Facebook site is just about defunct/inactive and full of condescending slogans.

Reading forums,her In house victory is considered laughable.

Valanka is unlikely to make a contribution to the wider Youth of Goa.

Her victory is viewed as, self-serving.

The true test will be at the General elections, where the playing field is much larger & equal.

- N.Fernandes, London | 06 th August 2013 14:08


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