Sneha arrested in mid-day meal poisoning case

BABESH BORKAR, CANACONA | 28 June 2013 11:02 IST

Sneha alias Sandhya Desai, who heads Omkar self-help group of Canacona, was arrested by Canacona police last night in the mid-day meal food poisoning case.

She has however been shifted to Hospicio hospital in Margao, citing illness.

Almost 88 students of Std V and VI were admitted to hospital yesterday after they complained of stomach pain and vomiting due to the mid-day meal.

Desai, the supplier of Bhaji and Bread that was served yesterday, has been arrested for preparing and serving contaminated and adulterated food as well as endangering human life.

The sections applied are 336 of IPC, Section 7 (i), 14 and 16 of Prevention of Food Adulteration Act and Section 87 A and B of Goa Public Health Act.

Some of these sections are non-bailable, said Canacona PI Harish Madkaikar.

The police are still awaiting report of the food samples taken by Food and Drugs Administration.

It is still not known what caused food poisoning.

Desai, the supplier, claims that same Bhaji was also supplied to other schools, but there were no similar complaints.

Meanwhile, all the students have been discharged from the hospital, including three children who were admitted till last night.

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They should stop providing this BHAJI PAAV to young kids at schools. Instead give some bake products or fruits. Or, better off, give the money to the kids and let them bring stuff from home.

- J. Kelkar, Goa | 28 th June 2013 17:30


A big Disaster is waiting to happen.

Ban all mid day meal scheme immediately and follow the model of Sunshine School, Old Goa. How clean and well managed catering and dining!

Make all SHG workers to visit the said School.

- Balkrishna Tari, Old Goa | 28 th June 2013 16:16


The mid-day meal poisoning case looks like it is a political case to stop Omkar self-help group of Canacona and give it to othe self help group afflited to the ruling party.

Stop playing dirty games with the small childrens.

Let the truth prevail, and the Lord bless everybody.

- Elvis, Panaji | 28 th June 2013 15:06


Reading about Food Poisoning case in Canacona today........some questions arose in my mind.Food Poisoning occurs due to Bacterial contamination.

1 Are the kitchens and water supply/storage of the self help group inspected regularly by Sanitary inspector and Health Dept authorities?

2.Are the plates,cups,bowls,spoons in which the children eat are cleaned and stored properly?

3.Is the drinking water supply at the school checked anytime?

4.Are the vehicles used to transport the food items clean?...pav supplied to childten are purchased from local bakers and transported open(No sterile packing) and could be contaminated at any stage.

5.Are the children made to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before eating?If not whose responsibility is it?

- Dr.Mrs Asha V. Thali., Panaji. | 28 th June 2013 11:38


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