Act on 'no bribes, no favours from Govt' on Mon

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 27 April 2013 17:56 IST

Citizens of Goa will shortly get government services as a matter of right and not as a ‘favour’ combined with bribes.

Even in case no bribe is taken, the citizen is sometimes harassed with repeated visits to the departments and its authorities.

As assured in the budget, chief minister Manohar Parrikar will introduce the Service Guarantee Act on Monday.

“There is no supporting act at present to get government services as a matter of right”, Parrikar told the Assembly recently.

According to Parrikar, the act would now list out all the departments falling under the services as well as what kind of services.

The public grievances department would monitor the implementation of the act.

The government had earlier made it compulsory to display the Citizens’ Charter in each department, with a specific mention of days within which each work should be done.

However, there was no supporting act to penalize the government authorities for not paying the service to the public in specified time.

The act would now make it an offence if the citizen is not paid service within the specified time.

In this regard, Parrikar said even the budgetary provision of the public grievances department has been increased from Rs 50,000 to Rs one crore.

The government has also increased the amount of a cash prize to Rs 25 lakh, from Rs 80,000, for bringing to the notice of the department any case of corruption.

Parrikar however said the state cannot take up the matter relating to central government departments in the state.

The central government has its own public grievances ministry, to whom the state government refers all cases to, for further action, Parrikar told independent MLA Rohan Khaunte.

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hi Joe,

can u please tell the procedure to file RTI for mutation and what document are neede for the sam

- sadnk, quepem | 08 th August 2013 13:41


I am delaying now forwarding of my new Mutation case file.

Will forward only after notification of new law is published.

Earlier, Citizen Charter gave time frame of 45 days for mutations case but it never happened even after 45 weeks.

3 months gone after the newspaper publication but nothing was happening. Eventually, I had to file RTI and the mutation case was done same time they reply my RTI.

The peon, Talathi, Circle In charge or officer etc all after money even under Parrikar Regime despite Govt commitment zero tolerance to corruption

- JoeGoaUk, Agassaim | 28 th April 2013 01:33


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