Christians & Girls don't join police: CM

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 16 April 2013 19:02 IST

Christians and girls don’t come forward to join the police force.

And maximum number of youth joining the police force is from Pernem, Bicholim and Sattari.

This fact was revealed by chief minister Manohar Parrikar.

“I am clarifying this because then somebody will come and say we don’t give representation to minorities”, said Parrikar.

According to him, his plans to meet the demand of more women’s police station are scuttled as girls do not come forward to join the police force.

“We could select only 42 girls so far and there are still vacancies”, said the chief minister.

He informed the House that the home department is trying to fill at least 660 vacancies in the police department while the present requirement is 698.

“We can’t fill certain reserved posts unless they are advertised for three consecutive years”, he informed.

There are no applications in the categories meant for Home Guard as well as children of freedom fighters while the response for sportsmen and OBC is very poor.

However, Parrikar said the response from the Scheduled Tribe community was inspiring, though there are still 20 posts from ST to be filled.

“In fact 30 ST candidates got selected through general category and one stood fifth”, he said. 

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Mrs Prashanti

Please allow parrikar to work . Dont spoil his image .belive in him . I can challenge one thing with you. If you reveal the names of those who asked for 22 laks and go deeper in the case you will find it as false case. Minorities do not join because they are rich and police job is hard working sweating job. Why rich people will go for it.

- Rajendra Barve, Verna Goa | 23 rd April 2013 18:04



What Ms. Prashanti Talpankar mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg.

Almost every successful ( I mean in elections) and unsuccessful politician belonging to both BJP and Congress is not averse to making money by exploiting the aspirations of the lower middle and lower class which actually offers them the opportunity to assume power.

While some find it lucrative to feed on recruitment, others thrive on tenders, contracts for regular jobs as well as for the events like IFFI, Food Festival, Heritage festival etc. that government organizes to keep Goans and tourist ' entertained' in order to cultivate a general apathy towards corruption among the public.

Parrikar could roar like a tiger only while he was in the opposition. Does he not bow to the dictates of bosses of Ashok Beleza, Vedanta etc, now?

And to claim that his legislators are non corrupt would be a cruel joke on the public of Goa. Masses are blinkered, they too aspire for success and money like these politicians and are ready to pay bribes for anything.

Parrikar is yet another shameless politician who shrewdly tries to distract public attention from the real issues and portray a picture that suits his convenience.But you can't fool all the people all the time.

- Rajan Kamat, Feira Alto, Mapusa | 18 th April 2013 08:28


@Prashanti Talpankar

If your story is true then why didn't you yourself approach proper authoraties to address the issue. Or werer you scared too?

If people like you are not going to report such matters than how you can expect less-infleuntial people to take up such matters? Is only writing and talking about it enough? Think over it!

- John, UAE | 17 th April 2013 22:52


The comment made by Prashanti Talpankar , Panjim, is the real truth.

It is a well known fact that every Government job in Goa comes with its own price tag.

Nearly every MLA indulges in the practice of selling jobs.

They require the income to finance their election expenses and demonstrate their power over common folk.

I would say it is far less with the BJP MLA`s ,but very prominent amongst the Congress MLA`s.

During a visit to Goa, I was narrated A STORY OF A VERY POOR BOY.

He approached Valanka Alemao, a conduit who acts on behalf of her father Churchill Alemao for a job in the PWD.

He was only able to afford Rs 1 Lakh, begging and borrowing from here & there.

Valanka Alemao demanded Rs 6 Lakhs.

As this poor boy could not furnish this amount, he was advised by a foul- mouthed Valanka to get lost with Rs 1 lakh. I was told she used even more abusive and insulting language, which not worth mentioning here.

- n.fernandes, London | 17 th April 2013 13:40


This shows the religious bias in government recruitment. One needs to find out why Christians don't join the police force? Aren't all vacancies for sale?

Who profits from the recruitment scams?

- Mario, Vasco | 17 th April 2013 11:32


There is a reason why people don't apply for any vacant post in police department. There is a general notion that post in police department are for sale and unfortunately it is true.

Recently there were vacancies in police department and I told some of the youngsters to apply for the same and they said they cant afford it. I knew of one case where he was selected on purely merit basis. so very proudly I said that this government seems to be non-corrupt and transperant . One girl from north Goa coastal belt who was part of the group refuted my statement and said that her relative was selected in the police department and he was asked to pay 22 lakhs. I told her we should complain about such issues but the concerned party was scared.

with such backgrount how will minority and girls apply for the post?

- Prashanti Talpankar, Panjim | 17 th April 2013 10:36


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