Basilica Church to install signboards for dress code

PTI, PANAJI | 26 May 2012 19:33 IST

Basilica de Bom Jesus, the most visited church in Goa which contains the relics of St Francis Xavier, has decided to install sign-boards requesting visitors to wear decent clothes.

Fr Savio Barretto, rector of the basilica, told PTI that the church management had a meeting with the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) on Friday.

The meeting decided to install signboards requesting visitors to dress properly rather than imposing ban on scantily-clad guests.

The parishioner of the church had objected to the "inappropriately" dressed tourists, who usually come during the masses and there were suggestions that such tourists should not be allowed to visit the church.

Barretto said that imposing ban on scantily-clad tourists might offend them.

"First, we will install the sign-board and see," he said adding that Church would be careful in using the right words on the sign-board so that the tourists are not hurt.

The Church authorities, for now, have appointed few staffers who would check whether tourists are properly dressed.

"We don’t object to them right now," he said.

Two temples in Goa, Shree Manguesh temple (Mangueshi) and Mahalsa Narayani Temple (Mardol) were the first ones in the state to impose dress code.

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We beleive Catholic Church in Goa. teach to their

community good lessons and the community keep

their faith and trust to churches. It is amazing the facts

and true church and its head used their law and order

its own ways prior to its legal entity to appy any desire

task. Such things keep on going people of the faith will

never ever follow church rules thereafter. The head of

the religion such as Bishop must correct wrong doing

by church othewise law will take its owns course in

future. The church teach to the follower good lesson

and good ways but certainly not,. Church teach wrong

ways to their childrens.The Bishop have to check

salcete churches their activities how they solemnize

marriages without consulting their parents and

wihthout marriage banns it is legal way and the way

church teaching then like tom and jerry cartoon, the

value of the marraige and no respect of the church.

So better check these activities and church book

specially verna-church marriage registar book.

Failing the church authority will be in trouble in legal

point of it and community will no faith on church.

- Sanjay Kumar, Goa | 07 th June 2012 15:41


Just putting sign-boards is not enough. Do the church authorities feel that the tourist carry extra pair of clothes while visiting Old Goa Churches ? Or do they feel that the same tourist are going to come again on the next day to see the church. The right action should be the Tour operators should instruct the tourists before they start the tour about the restriction and secondly all the brochures printed by the tourism department should carry the advisory .

- A. Pinto, Olaulim | 27 th May 2012 01:56


Better late than never, however, it is interesting as to why Fr. Savio feels a ban would offend the tourists. It would never be the same sentiment if it was in their respective country. Not only should the authorities ban scanty clothing, it should also stop visitors from wearing hats and caps while entering such a sacred space and be very rigid with regard to the cacaphony that goes on when there are plenty of tourists inside. It should be emphasized that it is a place of worship which is being visited, and not a palce of sight seeing. But alas !! man is a social animal and would do anything for money. I wonder if the authorities are really worried about the tourists beeing insulted or is the money that may be lost in the bargain?




Long awaited decision which is very much welcome.

The Mysore Palace does not allow visitors even in footwear in addition to dress and other codes.

Hope it is implemented without any discrimination

- E, Goa | 26 th May 2012 22:01


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