Aadhaar Card to be must for Govt schemes

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 11 April 2012 17:50 IST

Manohar Parrikar government has decided to make Aadhaar Card – the Unique Identification Card – compulsory to avail any government scheme, from 1 October this year.

A decision in this regard was taken at today’s cabinet meeting.

Parrikar, in a meeting held with the state planning and statistics department, reviewed the progress of Aadhaar Card.

Till date, the department has issued Aadhaar card to only around half of the Goan population – around 7.5 lakh people.

This amounts only 53 per cent of Goa’s population.

The second phase, said Parrikar, would now begin from 13 April.

“We would complete 100 per cent issuance by 30 September”, said Parrikar. 

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Getting an Aadhar Card for me would be an achievement. I was among first few ones to rush for this card,got the acknowledgement on 15/07/2011 thru Registrar India Post and Enrolment Agency UTI Technology Services Ltd. and till date,I repeat till date I have not received my Aadhar Card. Can anyone if possible pass on this to our CM so that he is aware it takes more than a 1 Year in Goa to get this Aadhar Card. I only prey it comes to me during my lifetime.

- Nitin Narvekar, Margao | 11 th August 2012 19:44



What is mean for Aadhaar Card. First i made PanCard. I am staying in City in margao. If frequired is not use. we are wasting our time to stay in que. parrikar govt is going to make Money from Goans.

- Glenn fernandes, Margao - Goa | 15 th May 2012 22:12


For Aadhar card the gorverment should do EYE SCANNING for acomplete proof

- cruz de andrade, candolim | 24 th April 2012 07:36


Aadhar is a huge scam. The standing committee of the parliament has rejected the national identification law so Aadhar's legality is in doubt. It is well known that finger print technology is not fool proof. Finger prints can be easily faked. So, there is a huge possibility of misuse of this scheme. Has this govt. studied any of these thigs before taking a decision on Aadhar ? Added to this fact are issues such as privacy violations that Aadhar carries out. It is time to stop this Aadhar from coming into Goa.

- Samir Kelekar, Bangalore | 11 th April 2012 19:20


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