'Sunburn' yet to seek Govt permission

PTI, PANAJI | 22 December 2010 11:21 IST

Goa home ministry today said they are yet to give permission for the Sunburn music festival, which is scheduled to start on 27 December at Candolim beach.

“I have not received any file seeking permission for Sunburn festival. The festival cannot happen without a nod from the home ministry,” state home minister Ravi Naik said.

He said, “Beach parties now will have to take licence from the home ministry.”

“We have issues strict guidelines that no parties except traditional ones should be allowed without screening by police,” Naik said adding that once Sunburn organisers furnish the application, the ministry will inspect it from the law and order angle.

Director general of police B S Bassi said the deputy collector has sent a proposal to the department but final authority lies with the home ministry whether to accept or reject the permission.

He said Sunburn Festival organisers, by announcing the dates for the event, are presuming that they would be given permission by home ministry.

The festival is an event playing electronic music and is attended by over 20,000 people annually.

Sunburn 2009 had hit controversy after Bangalore-based girl, Meha Bahuguna had died at the venue, allegedly due to drug overdose.

The home minister said that the state has cracked down on the drug trade in the coastal belt.

“We have intensified our anti-drugs operations in the coast,” the minister said, adding that he along with officers had personally inspected the belt in the night.

“There is no drug mafia in the state. We are personally ensuring that drug trade don’t take roots here,” Naik said.

“We broke the backbone of drug trade. Even the music is not allowed to be played after 10 pm,” the home minister said.

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Hell with Sunburn and hell with the Goa govt..

Ravi Naik,you have taken our sincere people for a ride when you actually knew Sunburn would take place...HOW MUCH MONEY HAVE YOU POCKETED? is this the way how you misuse your power by selling our golden land? Shame on you...

Mr.Digambar Kamat its high time you stop all this evil practices happening on our peaceful motherland...what do we Goans gain by entertaining this outsiders? Have you ever though about the nuisance and inconvenience it caused to the senior citizens and people of Candolim and surrounding villages?

Lets all Unite Goans and stop Sunburn happening again on our soil..WE DONT NEED THIS KIND OF PARTY IN GOA....SET UP A GOOD EXAMPLE FOR OUR FUTURE GENERATION....

- Disgusted Goan, Candolim | 29 th December 2010 23:05


In Goa can the common man dream of getting a government which runs honestly, sticking to ideologies, adhering to values, giving equal treatment to people of all castes and religions, keep the identity of this divine land, preserve the natural resources for the future generation on which they have rightful claim,and allow the common man to live in a clean air with clean water to drink?

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 23 rd December 2010 20:34


Ravi Naik thinks all Goans are fools.

He has stated he did nt see any Drug Smoking while he and that other useless Police Bassi toured the beaches.

Mt Naik must be so ignorant to think the drugs are only smoked.

What anout the Cocaine,LSD,Ketamine,MDMA, ecstasy and other drugs.

The Drug Mafia , he states, is broken and does not exist.Oh Yes...his father and son mafia for the mment does not.

Drugs are apprehended in Goa every month .

What about the Nigerian mafia that has frequently been in the news.

This is all a whitewash .

There is no doubt in my mind that the Chief Minister Mr Kamat gives his full blessing to Naik to do as he pleases.

Drugs in powerful Western Countries have not been easy to eradicate.What makes Naik , a small time politician think he can acheive this overnight with the help of Bassi.

I do not believe , this half educated upto 5th Standard, corrupt Naik is sane.

The sooner Goa gets rid of him the better.

- N.Fernandes , London | 23 rd December 2010 01:40


I wonder from where the organizers of mega parties do get the confidence of assuming the approval perfunctory, a mere formality. We have heard of many denials before, that drugs are non-existent, matka is unknown and crime graph even lowest perhaps. It's like ostrich burying its head in sand. It is likely the "mafia" were never there or else did not have a face that could be seen in the night.

- Ludovico, Old-Goa | 22 nd December 2010 16:55


Last year Meha Bahuguna died after attending the party due to overdose of drugs as has been projected in the media! Has this not brought sufficient bad name to the State? Has this not projected Goa as a drug hub? Has it not shown that such parties are arranged on the beaches only for drug peddling?

How can the Deputy collector forward the file for permission knowing fully well that it is not good to encourage such parties meant for peddling drugs? How much is the bribe paid? Or is it some top politician's sons are involved in arranging market for their drugs? Any such parties where drugs are consumed and traded- would be bad for the State and its people-especially the younger generation!

The central Govt. should investigate the whole matter to ensure that the nexus of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats dont cause permanent harm to this State by permitting parties where the drugs and liquor is traded freely to spoil the youth!

- james silva, margao | 22 nd December 2010 11:45


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