Germans saying goodbye to 'filthy' Goa

PTI, PANAJI | 04 December 2010 20:52 IST

The filth on Goa beaches and expensive holidays have made the state less preferred vacation gateway for the Germans, an expert said.

"The Germans who have arrived on their holiday in Goa recently have written on our website that they are saying good bye to the state," Aurobindo APG Xavier, president, Indo-German Friendship Society, Goa, said.

He said that the website run by the society has been receiving articles by German visitors who find the state as filthy.

"Moreover, it's expensive destination. Tourists find Thailand cheaper than Goa, so they have now changed their choice," Xavier, a Goan-based in Germany, said.

Xavier is amongst the batch of Goans who were studying in Portugal when Goa was liberated from Portuguese rule.

He later travelled to Germany to eke out living and has made the European state as his home.

He said that there many German tourists who come to Goa and cut short their trip and venture to other destinations as they find garbage around as menacing.

"Germans are conscious about the environment," Xavier added.

Goa, which receives 24 lakh tourists annually, is grappling with the garbage issue and tourism department has itself conceded that litter on the beaches is not welcomed by the tourists.

Xavier said that the drug menace on the beaches also discourages Germans.

"There is lot of drugs and sex on the beaches which is driving away Germans,” he said.

Russians are the largest chunk of foreign tourists visiting Goa followed by UK.

As per a rough estimate, Goa receives around 8,000 German travellers. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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What, more than anything else is harrassing in Goa are the beach peddlers that dont take no for an answer. In Thailand you say no and then the peddlers leave you alone and respect your privacy.

As a half Goan, and coming home every year since 50 years, I find the infrastructure still abominable: Pollution, overcrowded cities ( Margao ), congested roads. irresponsible drivers, power failures etc.

With rising prices, more crime and a constant increase in ugly housing and commercial buildings,

there is little wonder that Goa is losing its charm.

- Peter da Costa, Munich | 04 th June 2011 13:50


It is universal truth that wherever humans reach they bring filth and litter. If they intend to live in clean surroundings it is they, who responsibly can keep the place tidy.

What our authorities should be doing and are perhaps are grappling with the situation, is provide basic infrastructure, like safe drinking water, toilets, place to stay, collection of garbage, law and order, and above all safety and protection to all residents.

The rest is "when in Rome, do as the Romans do".

- Ludovico, Old-Goa | 07 th December 2010 19:03


The drinking, drugs, sex on the beaches etc are the legitimate fall out of the tourism as can be seen from all the major tourist destinations of the world! It is always disputable as to what extent these undesirable activities can be controlled by the present system!

The dirt and filth scattered everywhere needs to be tackled on war footing! When the politicians and bureaucrats make foreign jaunts at the tax payer's money- one wonders whether they keep their eyes shut! The cleanliness is the first thing that needs to be implemented by Goa! The dirt, filth and garbage cause a serious health hazard too! The dirt, garbage and filth needs to be tackled by devising a proper plan and fixing proper accountability! It is the absence of accountability that the implementation fails!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 07 th December 2010 10:10


Goa has definitely become filthy, with plastic bags,garbage etc all along the roads.The beaches too are no longer pristine as|I know it.With the commercialisation and hotels, there is plenty of garbage all around.

The Goa Govt. along with the|Panchayats are still looking for dumps and waste treatment plants.This is now going on for years.

Drive through Utorda and you will see a shop called |Rex Wines that actually stores garbage in front and side of the shop.It consists of boxes / bottles/hoardings.All this filth is visible by Tourists that travel by in Tourist coaches.

\the site is truly shocking and reflects badly on the cleanliness of Goans as a whole.

Cleanliness is meant to be next to Godliness.This is not true in Utorda, Cansaulin,majorda and elsewhere

- N.Fernandes , London | 06 th December 2010 23:03


I find this news very confusing because of the suggestion that Thailand is "cleaner" than Goa, has "less sex" than Goa and "less drugs" than Goa. That has got to be the joke of the year!! This news is motivated by an individual who has a point to make. The news goes on to say that Thailand is cheaper than Goa, implying that Goa is expensive, Well if you look at the way the Euro has plunged, I am not surprised that any currency seems expensive for German tourists in comparison. Xavier is a Goan based in Germany and has these views. That's even more interesting. I bet that Xavier would rather come to Goa than go to Thailand for a cheap holiday!!

- Chris, Australia | 06 th December 2010 18:46


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