Oil spill follows dead fish on the shore

PTI, PANAJI | 02 September 2010 23:41 IST

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Already concerned over tar balls blackening the beaches, Goa tourism industry was hit by yet another menace of dead fishe washing ashore emanating stench.

The state''s two major beaches Colva and Harmal, located in south and north district respectively, have seen unprecedented number of dead fish washing ashore.

Smaller species like jelly fish, shell fish and other varieties were seen scattered on the beaches.

Goa''s beaches are already blackened following tar balls being washed ashore.

The state tourism department has started a clean-up operation even as the balls have continued hitting the shore.

Eye witnesses told PTI that the size of tar balls coming to the shore is increasing.

State Environment Minister Aleixo Sequeira said the government has not yet been able to ascertain the source of the menace.

National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) has been asked to analyse the tar balls to get to the source while Indian Coast Guard has been asked to give details of the ships that crossed Goan waters hours before Monday night.

"We are yet to receive report from NIO and ICG," Sequeira said.

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Anything and everything involving pollution, dead fish on shores, effects of sand extraction near bridges sand,effluents routed to sea, research work voyages to the Antartica, tsunamis et al are all referred to these poor guys at N.I.O. They must be burdened with overwork. Are there no other monitoring agencies all over India to work with them in tandem ? Can they deliver answers to all the questions in time ? It becomes like hardcourt the ball is in some one else's court and everyone else can take a nap and relax. All the dead fish, the garbage dumped into the sea,the effluents, drainage into sea, sea polluting vessels,discharge from factories, paints. You can wrap mit up under one name and it can simply be called mis-management and bad governance. Everyone looks agape.

- ludovico, old-goa | 03 rd September 2010 12:15


Mustifund School Boys from Panim played DANGEROUS 'Dahi handi' --- The festival is very joyful if celebrated with all safety measures. Just yesterday i was in Mahalaxmi Temple in Panjim and i saw many school boys which may be studying in 8th, 9th and 10th standard from Mustifund School. They were playing Dahi Handi without any guidance and presence of the school staff. May be the school has no idea what their students do after their classes. First of all it was on a cement floor and the boys tied the handi pretty high. All the boys were in uniform and it looked like the school had organized the event. I just kept watching at them to ensure that I rush there in case of any emergency. Many times the boys fell on the ground trying to break the Handi. Few boys were acting over smart and showing their unwanted bravery. At last the boy who was tallest among the all managed to break the handi. But he was injured and blood was flowing from his hand. Please........The school should atleast see what their students do after their class. Yesterdays incident was very dangerous. It could have taken anybody's life. Looking at this event the smaller boys from the school will also think of doing this the next year. I request the school authorities either to organize a safe 'Dahi Handi' for the students or atleast keep a check on the students who boast of doing this event every year without the knowledge of the school. Once again I want to say "It was Very DANGEROUS"

- Narayan, Panjim | 03 rd September 2010 10:53


These NIO guys have been studying the tar balls for years now, do they have any answers why this is happening or are they proposing any solutions-- none, zilch, zero.

Secondly, I believe Goa University has a number of marine Scientists and departments, what these guys have to say about this?.

The Last time I heard was from our Goa University Scientist, Nandu Kamat who said it was an act of terrorism.

Worst of all, school kids without proper gear and training are now cleaning this mess up from the beaches, without realizing that the tar contain millions of potential carcinogens and hazardous compunds. Only professional with proper hazmet gear should handle such nasty stuff.

Shame on Goa Government for their callous and unprofessional attitude toward environment. The entire government is like another stinking tar ball.

- Jagan Kamat, USA | 03 rd September 2010 00:54


If this was the regular annual phenomenon as some people try to make it to be, fish would not have been dead as it would avoid waters getting slowly contaminated with tar, oil or petroleum products. This is a sudden cataclysmic event for them. NIO from the Goa samples alone can at its best identify the oil exporting area whose oil has caused tar balls. That will not tell from which ship it has come, for example if it is from the ship collision at JN port near Mumbai a fortnight ago or a rogue ship as some excited people say. For this NIO will need samples from Mangrove areas near Mumbai which were covered with oil and tar. Otherwise how can NIO comapare the Goa results with any other ship oil.

Calling for details of ship movement off Goa by Coast Guard is an idea by people used to hypes.

- Kalidas Sawkar, Panaji Goa | 03 rd September 2010 00:19


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