Casinos part of Goa's tourism portfolio: Govt

PTI, PANAJI | 12 August 2010 23:02 IST

Notwithstanding the opposition to off shore casinos, state tourism secretary M Modassir today said the gambling dens were part state's tourism portfolio to attract rich and wealthy tourists.

Briefing media in Panaji, Modassir said casinos were part of strategy adopted by state to invite a little wealthier group of tourists and diversification of portfolios. 

He was talking to the media after announcing Bollywood actress Prachi Desai as a brand ambassador for the state tourism industry. 

"A man who has seen the world, has money to spend. What will he do when he comes here. He will go to a casino. It is one of the options," the secretary said. 

Modassir said there are more options that need to be worked out to attract more visitors here.Off shore casinos had become a bone of contention with several women organizations opposing these gambling dens as the state has been always a favourite family destination. 

The off shore casinos had evoked public outburst forcing the state government to ask them to shift away from Mandovi basin. 

The casino operators have now moved court challenging state government's cabinet decision asking them to move off shore, at least five nautical miles in Arabian sea.

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It has been noticed here that even people from far and wide places from Karwar like Sachin Rane is trying to talk sense into the people and the government to open their eyes and do away with the casino peril. But......very sad

- T. Shirodkar, Sanguem | 30 th September 2010 14:11


I cant understand congress government are they giong with the Aam Admi or their slogan garibi nahi garibonko Hatavo

where will Aam Admi Go if Congress government always keeps on supporting Khas Admi

In any case either its mining or drug or casino or selling land to outsiders

How we will have confidence to vote these political parties

I dont know how to judge the government similarly the aam admi thinks

- Sachin Rane, Margao | 29 th September 2010 11:12


The man who has the money he can fly to the moon or the Mars or find an island (there is one available somewhere near New Zealand).

His options are not our options but please we are again averse to gambling, drugs, prostitution, pollution in our environment. Save us and our children from the ill effects. They are also talking about race courses, which again involves betting or gambling.

You are innovative please find some other ways to provide revenue and jobs

- p.Fernandes, old-goa | 14 th August 2010 11:10


Our Govt is true successor of Dhrutrashtra. due to gambling, whole mahabharat war took place. Do not do wrong things to get cheap money. Govt. should stop all such immoral things like gambling,drugs,wine,flash trade etc. otherwise day is not far to turn goa into Thailand. I earnestly request politicians like Mr. Jitendra Deshprabhu to raise voice aginst such things.

- Shekhar, Panaji | 14 th August 2010 10:58


Casinos are need of hour to have the TOURISM industry to grow so also to boost our economy but can we have the LAWS similar to the one prevailing in BAHAMAS. WILL the GOVERNMENT do THAT?

- Anthony - Vasco, Vasco | 13 th August 2010 22:35


Casinos are a place for gambling and Gambling is against the basic tenets of many religions. It is also against the basic philosophy of our Father of the Nation! In Hindu Mythology, it is said that when the "Kaliyuga first made its entry, it had no place to stay.The king Parikshit gave it one of the places, to stay and that is the gambling dens!

Are the casinos being used by only wealthy rich tourists?

But these places will also be used by the kith and kin of the corrupt - with wealth looted from public exchequer!

Liquor is already flowing like water here, the gambling facilities have also been installed! What will be the next step to encourage Tourism? Any Guess?

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 13 th August 2010 10:58


If the casinos are part of Goa's tourism portfolio, and is being justified then I think "Matka" should also be legalised and made a tourism portfolio. The tourists coming to Goa will not be able to visit the casinos but definitely they will rush to play matka and that would add to tourism.

- Menino G.P.T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 13 th August 2010 01:43


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