Difficult to stop rave parties: Nilkanth

PTI, PANAJI | 17 June 2010 17:50 IST

Goa's new tourism minister Nilkant Halarnkar feels it is difficult to immediately stop the rave parties, where drugs are served in the coastal belt.

"Practically, it is not feasible to crack down on them at once. It is to be done over a period of time," Halarnkar told reporters.

The NCP MLA, inducted into the cabinet after Mickky Pacheco stepped down, said he does not support rave parties.

"But it is for the Home Department to stop them. They should take action," he added.
Halarnkar said priority would be to attract more tourists in the state. "I do not believe that Goa is India's rape capital. I want to assure tourists that they are safe here. They can come and peacefully enjoy their vacation," he said.
Former tourism minister Pacheco, during his tenure, had raised fears that state is turning into India's rape capital after spate of crimes against foreigners were reported.

Unlike his predecessor who was blaming the home department all the time, Halarnkar said the state is well-equipped to protect interest of visitors.
"New tourism security force will be in place soon, which will increase patrolling on the beaches," he said.
The Tourism Minister said the schemes implemented by former tourism minister Pacheco would continue.

"Government is a continuous process. The decisions once taken cannot be changed if minister changes," he said.


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Previous Comments

Home Minister says that SOME ministers get HAFTAS so as long as HAFTAS are alive EVERY thing will be ALIVE

- Anthony - Vasco, Vasco | 13 th August 2010 22:42


Its funny, i wonder why he cant stop the rave parties? well there are not many anymore anyways. The rave parties are not a bad thing. It never was. Only recently after the russian mafia has taken over have things gone bad. Why are always the tourist blamed? It is the own people of goa to be blamed. The ones in charge.

They the people in charge are the biggest crooks, they are the one providing all the drugs. Hence the dissapearence of 25kg from the goa police.

i mean come on!!!

also party people are not the reason for disease, TB and infertility? whats that supposes to mean? TB has been present in Goa before the protuguese, infertitly is definatly not the problem as to how populated we are.

So stopping rave parties will stop drugs? that is the best solution? well i dont think so, but thats me and maybe about 10000 others, who we call the youth.

Are you sure rave parties will stop drugs?

As behalf of the youth, i dont think so. Beacuse if people want to take drugs they will regardless of rave parties or not. Every one is ranting how Goa is a drug state, well excuse me but how about the amount of junkies in Bombay? even in Delhi?

Also the people that frequent rave parties are not all Junkies as mentioned. It s simply the music that has impact. The youth of today like that kind of music...many will say they hate, but 10 times more will say they love it. So it would be unfair to even non drug users if parites and music is banned. It will just repress the youth, there will be no outlet of expression, and that is far more damaging than drugs.

You want to stop drugs, allow the youth some air to breathe to express, allow more art festivals, music festivals, culture fests....if these things are more prominent in goa, it will attract bright minded youth from all over, it will inviggorate the Goan youth and allow them to express and gain the feeling to stay in goa, happily. It will transform goa into a bright, creative, intelligent and prosperous place.

So my argument is concluded that, stopping parties is not going to help much. People will go to clubs, get drunk drink drive...and maybe kill people while driving home.

We tend to forget that alchohol is the one of the biggest killers in Goa.

Let us breathe and we will shine

Maria- on behalf of the youth.

- Maria, Goa | 07 th August 2010 19:25


Is it not a shame that the Minister in Power shows his helplessness to stop the rave parties on the beaches which lead to crimes, drugs and rapes? Mr Minister if you cant do your primary duties , why do u stick to the chair?

- james silva, margao | 05 th August 2010 19:40


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- Goa tourist, Goa beach | 05 th August 2010 05:46


Face it,Goa..... what a laught,One exits and another MAKES HIS ENTRY in Goa's Politics. Nilkanth First just find out what Tourism promotes in a sate.First the culture, its topography and Hospitaliy,Rave parties is not a part of goa heritage NEITHER GOAN HOSPITALITY its just another drug menance which influence the younger generation to embrace it as an alternative when they feel a state of insecurity.which the state should own the responsinilty to help the young to cope up with such issues and with dignity,Rave parties were here in the state as fullmoon parties introduced by foreign junkies of the sixteis and we are still trying to think...and wait for what........ another epidemic of TB & Infertility. You open your eyes and see around Goa has the creme of alcoholics,Drug addicts , vindictive criminals and perverts in every local vicinity.Thats one resons goa loses its quality tourist and ropes in low life and lowbudget markets like russians hookers and Bunch of Isarealis Junkies,Will Goa seen what is Incentive markets if you guys want to promote Goa as a destination you first sought the problem with the taxis who stop tour operations of the tour operators and forcing the promoters just to dump leftovers of strays rather than a higher end market. Goa is gone to dogs and you might be just another useless unworthy two timing slug trying to drag things like a bug in a dung.You better sought support of the people rather than Ravi Naik son who thinks his father is the long arm of the law and feels no harm to destroy goa's image from a leading destination of India to a snakes pit of India.'Delinquents are never Branded untill they recognised'

- massimo, emqon | 22 nd June 2010 08:27


Mr. Nilkant if you cannot halt the rave parties then RESIGN right now. You are not doing any favour to the public or Goa will not come to a grinding halt for your absence. There are multitudes to take your portfolio. Reason it out by yourself and don't be a lame duck of the current corrupt government in power.

- Emediavoices, Goa | 21 st June 2010 14:01


ya our new tourist minister is correct...its difficult to stop it very swift motion.... but yes if our GOA POLICE be strict den i think its 100% possible... and it wil decrease...

- Manjeeta, Goa Mapsa | 18 th June 2010 23:20


If the rave parties go on unabated, soon the younger generation will all become useless,diseased and fall in trap of all vices! When the the Youth which is the real asset of a State becomes frustrated and diseased, what is the future?

Let the Tourism security force be given powers to stop the drug menace and let not the game of passing buck continue to save the youth!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 17 th June 2010 18:57


Nilkanth? Can you please declare your assets right now including your bank balance please. we need to audit your wealth by the end of your term.

Your comment is obvious that you need the drug barons come to you with their prasad for your blessings......Good luck......but anyway out.... mikky will set you up.......areh digu?fui reh vorrad goemkar

- massimo, emqon | 17 th June 2010 18:50


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