Digambar celebrates 3 years as his ex-minister still missing

GOANEWS & PTI, PANAJI | 07 June 2010 20:41 IST

Digambar Kamat-led Goa government is celebrating its three years in power tomorrow, in the backdrop of its former minister on the run.

Former tourism minister Mickky Pacheco is wanted by police in connection with the death of Nadia Torreado, a 28-year old married lady from Loutolim. The police have filed an abatement case against him in this case, holding him responsible for her alleged suicidal death.

As the state government held a formal function today to mark its three 'successful' years in the power, Crime Branch continued searches at various places to trace the former tourism minister

Mickky had resigned from the cabinet this Saturday and has been untraceable since then.

Kamat-led government has however taken enough precaution to keep away the shadow of minister-on-run from this glittery function held in Panaji.
Golden Glow, a book released by Kamat commemorating the third anniversary, does not carry photograph of Mickky.

"The book was printed last night," Kamat told reporters.

Mickky had resigned on Saturday after he was quizzed by Crime Branch for his alleged involvement in the death of his 28-year-old friend Nadia Torreado.

The NCP legislator is however seen in the documentary made by Information and Broadcasting Ministry to commemorate completion of three years.

For the formal function, NCP was represented by their leader Jose Philip D'Souza.

Meanwhile, Mickky's personal secretary Lyndon Monteiro has filed an anticipatory bail in the same case. It is learnt that this would be probably followed by a similar bail application by Mickky, after judging the result of Lyndon's bail application.

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- JOY COSTA, MARGOA / kuwait | 25 th July 2010 15:00


The headlines in the news media about the red handed catching and suspension of one senior officer Pattidar, of Goa administration makes interesting reading. It is mentioned that he was awarded best efficient officer's award by Ravi Naik few years back and now he has been found taking bribe by the ACB, from a supplier of Animal Husb. Dept. This may not be lone case as there is open talk of various officers demanding money to meet the hafta deadline and monthly quota set up by the politicians! Could this all be true and if so how could this rapid march towards hell be stopped?

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 01 st July 2010 16:47


Our Ministers are like a monkies. If u show a eatabile things they will jump any where wether in the water or fire

- Manu, merces | 01 st July 2010 14:52


Massimo, I have no words to appreciate your talent in composing such nice paras. They are so poetic. Keep it up brother, we need some real humor.

By the way, who will be the first one to come with the "Tiatr" similar to Mahanand on the life of "Mickey Mouse". The old cat in the neighborhood was heard mewing the name "Mickeychem Bodmasi Jivit" written by Calvert.

- Mathew, Dubai | 12 th June 2010 22:35


Every Politician ……Have their own secret motive and agrenda before coming into politics. Their Menu is sumptuous The Starters will the public speaking, Their Main course is gluttony and their Desert is to Have ‘The cherry on the top of the CM Seat’.

However it has all been observed that the chefs keep on brewing their own brew during their regime Give the Devils their Dues.

1-Enter politics: Organize a beat show. Harass the businessmen and companies for sponsorship and create awareness at the show. It went to such an extend where as though the companies were their father in law inheritance. The Sole Company that was held at Ransom By politicians had to go Bankrupt and close down ie: ‘Arlem Breweries’Thanks to chowgule’s for their generous sponsorship which lead to the clean wash out of goa favorite brew ‘Arlem Beer’ from the goa markets.

Lets have at the bloady profiles of our goa polikal Kuznner.

Congress Supremeo—hah hah hah, welcome to Goa’s first Marks scandal.

Luizinho Faleiro: Former MC of Salcette later a professional liar with a degree in LLB-(Limited liabilities bachelor). Now Sorting out EDC SCAM

Churchill ALEMAO: WOW—PUUURUPH.-Chief botler to chief Cozner, from smuggler to chief minister. first smasher of volley team of varca sports clubs Now intending to smash Kamat’s polls Club, Now a Minister of PWD:

Joaquin Alemao: Avoighe mojeh mai???,……..Boilan marlie Daou…choi?..daant martolo and mutt fottolom…leader of sungtakars. Are toh costao fui ghelo?

Digu Kamat- dig oh teka, ‘Modgovam battam kabar ani goemkar rostear shabash babu ‘Madgaon to nuvem ani munti dongor son rawanfond’ HELLO Mr. International Goan Your bhat is now kamat’s Tart.

Aleixo Sequiera:Liqour smuggles out of Goaah to DAMAN & Diu INTO The promised land of Gujarat….Areh? PORT A..D.. RE.! RAM SAACH HAI courtesy Tonia

Ravi Naik: Wah deh Wah ‘FROM SHARDA SPORTS CLUB TO PONDA MAKTA BOOKIE’ Currently ‘Home Ministry mastering drug chemistry’ ----Aieh shappat.

Zuwarkar..eeeeeeeeek Scandalous cricket vomits. Awarded for his by chivalvery by BJP.

Mikky Pacheco: who designated goa as rape capital of India:what an brilliant example you set …bloody moron tujer ieta atam moronn. You will be the first minister to be punished for culpable homicide in India. YOU thought people are fools May be Betalbatim and Benaulim ,but certainly not Loutolim .Goans use tooth past to brush their teeth and spit it out. Our Mothers and our schools thought us that first. And not to swallow it, unless if they were Sonia Torrado’s children’ or perhaps her students.. ……Sonia ?.... Tell The Truth

So to be short: Kamats 3 glorious years are surrounded by glowing lobby of minister loz naslolem goemkarani poslele solog. Festa udoiea tenkam sogleak…ani mutlear hav chod fushal kiteak Betalbatimcho and Benaulecho lokh atam postelet mhunn churchilache 30vorsache Leitao…


- massimo, emqon | 11 th June 2010 14:25


VP you are right, the Candidate's Chamchas pays the voters of Goa (Cumbarjua constituency) 500 Rs per vote/person, what about in other parts of Goa? State looters are not naxalites or terrorists but saints revered and their icons hangs on the walls of Vidhan Sabha and we the beggars have to celebrate the birth and death anniversary or glorify their life.

- Emediavoices, Goa | 11 th June 2010 00:50


At the time of election when you see hundreds of paid chamchas of the candidates, shamelessly shouting slogans in support of the corrupt and criminals, the common man can not but curse the people responsible for drafting such statutes in the constitution which has allowed such criminals and corrupt elements to come to power and allow them to loot the State repeatedly till they die after becoming old and infirm!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 09 th June 2010 17:01


1-Why are the Goans not passing a legislation or referendum to have a maximum term of 10 years or 2 terms for any individual in the Goa Assembly or for the MP?

2-CM if once thrown out of CHAIR should not be given the second chance life long.

The world is fed up of all these brainless skeletons hanging over the corridors of political power until death. Should the young generation be not given the chance in politics? What great is in store in the same old relics of the past? Experience? BULLSHIT. And the Goans are fools of the first order, electing them again and again. Hope Massimo has some lyrics to commemorate on Goa CM's anniversary.

- Emediavoices, Goa | 09 th June 2010 14:41


And now the long hand of God finally got hold of the murderer from Dig-n-bor ministry of crooks and 420s. Let dig-n-bor give each minister a gift of Rattol as toothpaste to cleanse their tainted set of teeths as they have bitten and drunk every drop of blood from poor Goans who don't know or get involved with politics. What is he celebrating? Murders? Selling of Goan land to the highest bidders? Looting of Casinos in the last 3 years? Looting Goans in illegal mining and losing State revenue? I bet, give that money to a beggar with little or no education, he will rule Goa better than the present rogs. What an achievement when RIVER PRINCESS is still sitting in the same place after spending CRORES on different contractors and on litigations? Is this progress of Goa and Goans or his pocket "did well".

- Mathew, Dubai | 08 th June 2010 18:52


Happy 3 yrs CM! With the exit of Micky, the G7 will now have lesser teeth!

Churchill should be extremely happy. A dream come true. Welcome Velanka!!

Aleixo … Cool your future opponent is untraceable!!!

- Francis Fernandes, Switzerland | 08 th June 2010 14:09


Leading a Government for long three years with all the corrupt, criminal elements all around is a real herculean task! One should congratulate Mr. Kamat for achieving this! With everybody looking for his own selfish motives and the voters electing such samples in return for money and other dole outs, I feel remaining in power for three long years, is a big achievement! Congratulations!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 08 th June 2010 08:55


3 yrs full of scams and 3 yrs of HAVING tainted ministes in the cabinet..

Releases a Book ..golden glow..it should be named as SCAMS GLOW. .ha ha. contents may be Latest population of Monti Dongor,How to do illegal minning,How to ecape from scams,How to wash the hands from garbage issues,Photos of soniaji's puppies ,How to loot goa and how to protect drug dealers.

- BR, USA | 07 th June 2010 22:07


What glorious 3 years for Dig-n-bor Kam?hutt? His ministry is made up of scoundrels, chors, nogoune, fotting, rapist, etc. River Princess is still lying at the same place so is the condition of Goa, still in the same condition for years and years to come with this type of ministers and MLA'S ruling us.

Now Lyndon Monteiro is testing the Government by applying for bail and so would follow Mickey's flesh suppliers like Mathew Kentuckeeeeeee (duplicate Kentucky like his duplicate currency) We will see a lot inthe days to come but few scoundresl, criminals will be on their toes, on the run until they are tired. The net of the Lord is spread around for them including for Fr. Diogo.

- Robert, Goa | 07 th June 2010 21:16


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