Mickky named in Nadia's suicidal death

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 31 May 2010 21:57 IST

Death of Nadia Torato, a 28-year old married woman from Loutolim, can brew fresh troubles for Goa’s Tourism Minister Mickky Pacheco.

Social activists have alleged that Mickky was having an extra-marital affair with the lady. She was hospitalized a fortnight ago for consuming poison paste and allegedly trying to commit suicide.

Nadia was first hospitalized to Apollo Hospital in Margao and then to a private hospital in Mumbai, before shifting her to Chennai, where she breathed her last on Saturday night.

While in Margao hospital, Nadia has told the investigating authorities that the poison was mistaken as toothpaste.

Women's activist Tara Kerkar has demanded resignation of the minister involved in it, without naming Mickky, while alleging that it is a murder.

Aires Rodrigues, another social activist, has however directly named Mickky in the case.

Mickky, who is still abroad, has however denied of having any such relation with Nadia.

"She was our good family friend and we shifted her from one place to another on medical advice," he clarified.

The police however are investigating in the case. Her dead body was brought to Goa on Monday evening, after conducting a post mortem in Chennai.

Although Mickky's name is drawn into the controversy, Chief Minister Digambar Kamat, home minister Ravi Naik and even his arch rival PWD minister Churchill Alemao are maintaining mysterious silence over the issue.  

The reason behind her suicide is still a mystery. "We will investigate into the reason behind the suicide", SP of South Goa Alan D'Sa said.

This is a second case that has come to light, after Mickky's wife Sara filing a complaint against him for bigamy. The case is still underway.

Although there are no official movements against Mickky, sources in the government claim that both the high commands of the Congress and the NCP are closely monitoring the developments.

If the issue doesn't subside in the coming few days, it might cost Mickky his cabinet berth.

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the fundamental laws of nature every action has an equal reaction or what you give comes back to you.john was allegedley framed in the russian rape case by mickey who now is on the run just like john, and likely to be arrested , his loudmouth and uncontrollable piston is responsible for his downfall, as for the torrados they are blinded with lust for money and power,and will go to any extent to get it, even by selling their souls

- thomas gracias, cortalim | 08 th June 2010 15:08


Massimo, your comments cheered up my day. What a way to put them up. It looks like reading a lyrical poem. You are very right. His other "close" friend Nagouno Mathew "duplicate' KentucKEE fry will also die a similar death as "nagouneachi girestkai along with dadagiri" will never allow them to live in peace. They together have spoiled girls, casinos and Goa in all. Now it may be the turn of his 4th girlfriend from Pedda Benaulim, another poor soul, god save her.

- Robert, Goa | 06 th June 2010 15:21


Vow! Massimo from "Purgatory" your comments are knife edged than witnessing the fugitive image. Keep a razor, turmeric powder and let the voters go for a castration ceremony for the BARAO. This WICKY Bailot (womanizer) GOONDA is absconding for Goa Baila Bailancho Avaz inquiry.

- Emediavoices, Goa | 06 th June 2010 00:06


WOW....WHAT A STORY FOR A NEW ACTION PACKED TIATR Starring Barao Foransik PACHECO ani tache sangati... what a booster to goa's political image..what goes around comes around: What good would a do tailor..seduce young women with a his measuring tape? isn't it? Who got away marriying an american women,looting all her wealth,getting rid of her and squandering,and flashing his some one else wealth never4 sweated for i,hence easy money easy go,t on to the parties contibuting cash to seek his seat cover his face and make them dance like in soho.Now face the music NCP.shame on Sharad pawar for have A low life UNGLORIOUS, yellow livered buzzard in his political circle of life and whats more is shame on all his suppoters of betalbatim and beaulim especially 'Mathew' COLVA ' KENTURY FRY' you can add another dish on you menu Mikky Ratol Deep Fry .....yummy..Kamat babu .. YOU can forget your seat if ' MICKY PLAYS MICKKY MOUSE' DESTOYING HIS FETUS IF HE gets away this time for he will certainly not be seen for loutolim contest and if he does we will see to him we had enough of him and its time we pull our socks sort the bloody Foransik pachecu rostad ,edgo loz naslo barao revtaoilo burso. Get rid of thAT 8STD FAILURE NAAD or shoot him. if not, some one will very soon and just not HIM ITS A warning to all the politician who are history sheeters your time has come......remember inquisition we'll get the cross and ring the panjim bell 'TimeUp' MIKKY CHOR BARRAO

- massimo, emqon | 05 th June 2010 09:34


I think there is no minister who has a clean record .. bcoz every single Politician at least in the state has done something or the other to make either money or to hold power.

Hence we cannot blame them .. if the majority of Goa choses such Uneducated Humans to be their leaders .. then i would personally relocate to a different country .. and would not think it is to betray.

During the British majority of India was united to fight for Freedom ..Now majority of India is looking at a short term goal of making money for SELF .. in that case any educated person who relocates cannot be called or termed as Betrayer... rather SENSIBLE

- Amit, Goa | 03 rd June 2010 21:51


Bri- "Shame for any political parties in India or Goa" is the highest achievement as without a murder degree or diploma in corruption, you cannot be a candidate fit for any party. In USA its a life long ban whereas in Goa, you have to keep repeating the horrifying acts to keep the stature or self image in place. John Fdes" one life is lost" reminds us how much the western countries care for its citizen and the facts of "Nadia Case" will die out in a few months or dropped by the kith and kin of the deceased due to FEAR of the Micky Mouse or by the pressure of Central High Command of Congress I"

- Emediavoices, Goa | 03 rd June 2010 21:37


What is diffrent between a man and a pig ? A 30kg pig is sold for 2500 rupees and 60kg man is sold for 500 rupees at the the time of election and what we elect people who are not fit to be in society and why we elect this type of people cause we are greedy to get our personal things done by this kind of politician.It is unfortunate that one life is lost and came to light but how many more lives we are going to lose if we keep silent. Every action has equal and opposite reaction please bring the fact to the people what made poor nadia to commit suicide.

- john fernandes, margao | 03 rd June 2010 20:15


Goa has illiterates, educated illiterates and literates and it is the second category who elects these people. In Cumbarjua constituency it is vividly open as each member of the house is distributed 500 Rs by parties to vote for them. Is the election commission not aware? they know and themselves receives too but lips are stitched of from the general public. The eccentric womanizer Micky as what you Goa has a politician is unfit for this post and yet he is elected for the cabinet post. He is the horse traded by the CM's.

- Emediavoices, Goa | 03 rd June 2010 09:36


This tourism minister is a very notorious fellow. After ditching his american wife, is he not satisfied? Now is he out to spoil young girls? It is high time such monsters are done away with.

- Shyam Sawant, Ponda | 02 nd June 2010 19:30


More and more criminals getting elected shows that the people who drafted our constitution did not anticipate that within a short time of getting independence, the criminal and corrupt elements would manipulate the system by bribing a section of the voters to take charge and help in degenerating the system further! What is the way out of all this muck? Are all our intellectuals too become stooges of the corrupt and busy gathering petty favours for themselves?

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 02 nd June 2010 08:55


Its a shame for congress and also shame for NCP(sharad pawar and his daughter) ..its a shame for sonia gandhi .

Can goans and good looking girls be safe under this morons.My answer is no.

Parents make your daughters aware of such animals who use their offices to ruin the life of your daughters.

Proper education is a must for girls to protect themself from this animals.Where is the bailacho saad..You can do lots but looks like money can make you silient also..keep keeping quite till its your own daughter..

- Bri, usa | 02 nd June 2010 03:01


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