Goa banking upon Russinan & Polish tourists

PTI, PANAJI | 27 May 2010 19:59 IST

After losing tourists from Western Europe, Goa is now banking on travellers from Russia and Poland to revive the sagging tourism industry in the state.

Travel Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG) has said the scene was disappointing on the Western Europe tourist front, but the loss is, to some extent, compensated by Russians' attraction towards the state.

Also, arrivals from Poland went up, giving a fillip to the foreign exchange earning sector reeling under the impact of a global economic slowdown and the Mumbai terror attacks.

"Around 2,000 Polish tourists arrived in the state, which was a new feature this season," Ernest Dias, a TTAG official, told PTI.

The tourism industry was expecting a 25 to 30 per cent drop in tourist arrivals from English-speaking countries. But arrival of 40,000-odd Russians made up for the loss.

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Poland, Russia or Timbuctoo!!! Get them from anywhere to boost the economy of the state but they MUST be reminded that they are just that - TOURISTS. Tourists do not own property. Tourists do not debar others from entering places in the host country. Tourists do not run organised crime rackets in the host country. Tourists are there to enjoy the sun, the sea. the sights, the food, the people, the culture - the list goes on. So the problem is not from where they come. It is related to what they do when they are there. I suspect that all foreigners who visit Goa are not tourists.

- Chris, Australia | 29 th May 2010 11:04


The jobs which the tourism industry creates are mostly buttlers, cooks, dish washers, room boys and so on. It would be interesting to know as to how many locals prefer such jobs at the salaries offered!

On the contrary the tourism brings with it the drug menace, the gambling, the liquor trade, various vices, sex crimes, robberies, thefts, beggars, Aids and other sex related diseases, etc. etc. Again it brings the problem of sewerage, garbage disposal, price rise and higher standard of living, import of unskilled labour from other parts like orissa, Bihar, karnataka, etc. The younger generation again falls victim to drugs and liquor and AIDS! Bangkok, Pataya, Haiti etc are eye-openers! Still like fools we run after this to destroy the upcoming generation for petty selfish gains!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 28 th May 2010 11:16


If Goa tourism is relying on Polish, then it is a short lived story as Europe is now reeling under a Trillion dollar bailout deficit. Europe and Euro is loosing its hi-fi values with the advent of countries like Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, UK, Ireland undergoing deep austerity measures. Millions in this region will loose the jobs and the rest will live by their means in the coming decade. Goa has to divert to other pastures rather than few who make bucks on this tourist. Even jobs for Indian expats or green card holders will be at stake. Is Russia safe in business terms? Nevertheless no and not even for the immigrants or even for the democratic writers, authors, corporates, institutions or you name it. Life is not more the same in the west and Goa in the east must rethink on long term strategy. Even the mining boom of Goa may fade in few months with China's diversion to other countries.

- Emediavoices, Goa | 27 th May 2010 21:52


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