No scope for Goa's tourism dev: Mickky

PTI, PANAJI | 23 March 2010 22:16 IST

Tourism minister Mickky Pacheco feels that Goa has no scope for tourism development.

He made the statement in the Assembly the day ecomomic survey was tabled in the House. The survey said almost 10 per cent of foreign tourists visiting India, come to Goa.

"Goa being a small state, the scope for tourism development is limited," Pacheco told the state legislative assembly today during question hour.

The minister was replying to a question posed by BJP legislator Damodar Naik. He ruled out the formation of state tourism board for Goa because of its size.

Interestingly, minister's statement came minutes before state government tabled its economic survey, which boasts of high tourism prospects for the state.

"Nealy 8 to 10 per cent of total 50 lakh foreign tourists arriving in India visit Goa," the document mentions. The economic survey is compiled for the current financial year.

The survey also mentions that Goa contributes for 700 million dollar in the form of foreign exchange revenue to the central government coffers.

The statistics placed on the floor of the House mentions that the actual tourist (domestic and foreign arrivals combined) inflow to the state has reached to 2.5 million mark for the calendar year 2009.

Tourism department has said that Mumbai terror attack had resulted in negative growth for tourism in 2008.

"The year 2008 witnessed a negative growth of -8.7 per cent in the total tourist arrivals to the state. This could be attributed to the terrorist attack in Mumbai," the survey states.

While 25.97 lakh tourists visited Goa in 2007, the number dipped to 23.71 lakh in 2008-2009 showed good signs with tourist arrivals increasing to 25.03 lakh until December end.

The figures in the survey reveal that tourist arrivals in Goa rose from just 15.96 lakh in the 2002 to a whopping 20.39 lakh in 2003. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Mr. Y Ferrao, I am the one who wrote the comment saying Mickey is a Tailor. I am not a tailor and I did not write this because someone else told me or I heard from someone. I know it very well because he has stitched my father’s pants way long back. There are lot more things I know about him. Anyway this is just for your information. Thanks – Menino (Valpoi)

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 25 th May 2010 21:25


Yes he is a tailor but who tailor made this comment for him? “Write what you know and not what someone else writes for you” As of now you do not even know how to reply to the superb comment out here. A common man in Goa has best knowledge in politics and Economics, but every election the fools elect fools in Goa. To boost the Goan economy from tourism, let the flow of income from tourism in Goa go to local first rather then Kashmiri’s, Lamanis and outside tour operators from Russia and foreign countries.

- Y. Ferao, Goa | 24 th May 2010 21:32


this guy is just warming the chair what he has got,we all goans need to kick this guy out,he does not have any clue about tourisim? so how would he manage this responsibilities?

- bernar ferns, dubai | 24 th April 2010 05:40


Statement of mickky is really shocking. What does he know about the administration? Last world trade mart in london, the goa tourism board had spent 65000 pounds just sitting in one corner of the mart.They did't have knowledge about their location of the kiosk. So what do we expect anything from this kind of administration?

- jesus fernandes, margao | 30 th March 2010 03:13


With two bulls already fighting in Betalbatim and Benaulim, do u really feel the need for additional bull-fights?

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 27 th March 2010 15:23


Yes Mr. Sanjay P S Dessai, Your thinking is totally correct... may be this was one of the demand of G7! And next demand was a Begging Request by Sudin Dhawlikar, asking the Goa Govt. NOT to FALL IN LOVE with his WIFE regarding Sanathan Saunstha Issue Report Requested by Home Ministry in Delhi from Goa Govt. and another Request by Babush to Please Help him to GET his Son ACQUITTED from ongoing SCARLET KEELINGs Case. Now i think it's time for some Ordinary people of Goa to come forward and FORM another Group Known as - G77777 and Fight to Legalize 'MODKO' (Main & Kalyan) because Goans wil still not have ability to go to Casinos.... because at every Entrance of Every Casino there will be MICKEYS MOUSES for ALMS.

- Joe Ganja, Overseas | 27 th March 2010 11:04


For personal development of Tourism Minister, government has reduced on-shore (land) casino fee from rupees 2000 to rupees rupees 500. now he can grow himself and Goa tourism and take Goa to the new heights. May be this was one of the demand of G7.

- Sanjay p Sawant Dessai, Curchorem goa | 26 th March 2010 05:57


What vision can you expect from this so called minister, who is a disgrace to Goa, whenever he opens his mouth and taking into account his background? Goa, for that matter India, will go to dogs when you have such wonders as rulers.

- terry mascarenhas, sangolda/ singapore | 25 th March 2010 15:14


Send Micky to School...let him learn the basic Tenth Std syllabus and then get him back to talk ... He cannot speak, I bet, even write a proper sentence in English .. Konkani he can only talk but am sure he cannot write.

Can we put an auction on this character and raise some money for tourism ??

- Amit, Goa | 25 th March 2010 12:52


Mr. Kamat,

Please sack this Tourism Minister from cabinet because this is a wrong man at wrong place. He doesn't know anything except making money......

- Nilesh Shetgaonkar, Dubai | 25 th March 2010 12:50


Vivek I really liked that you have asked Mickky to dress properly. He looks more like goonda with that headgear than a minister. And by the way, he was and is a very good tailor and had his gaddo in Benaulim and was stitching clothes. I think he can stitch for himself some good dresses and make a great looking minister. Otherwise he as a minister is of no use……Hope you and the other readers understand what I am trying to say…..Menino (Valpoi)

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 25 th March 2010 00:14


Mr. Pachecho first learn to dress like a Goan and then you can talk about the development of tourism activities in GOA. Recently I had an opportunity to Visit Gujrat, Bangalore, Hyderabad along with my fmly, in my car. Micky pls go personaly to these places and see what development they have made in their states. They are really dedicated to the development of their state and not personal development. In hyderabad, they have never ending entertainment for tourists.

In Goa we misguide tourists by promoting carnival, casinos, eat-drink-dance slogan. In fact Goa can be more developed as a unique torist destination in the world if all tourist sites are well developed with proper infrastructure.

The sad part is to come to GOA by road. We don't have a proper road access from neighbouring states. All other states have well designed 4-lane roads. Mickky pls go to hyderabad and see what development they have made in tourisum and don't dare to make iresponsible statements in the house just for your convinience.

- Vivek K Naik, Margao | 24 th March 2010 20:53


Perhaps the Honourable Minister for Tourism needs to visit similar tourist spots in the world where the beach culture is promoted. He needs to see how efficiently the infrastructure in places like the Costa del Sol in Spain or the coastal spots in Croatia runs before he suggests that there is no "scope" for development in Goa.The Brits have discarded European seaside resorts because their currency has taken a nose dive and Goa is a cheap alternative, but the word "cheap" should not include the quality of infrastucture that is provided for tourists such as them. Things have a habit of backfiring, and I suspect that Goa will attract a clientele as distasteful as the garbage that lines the streets if nothing is done to clean things up. I love Goa and am an avid ambassador for the place, but more recently I am finding less ad less to saya to my friends that is positive. So please Mr Minister try to take a more positive stance and suggest ways in which Goa can develop a greater "scope" for development. You owe it to the electorate that put you into this position in the first place. There's more to politics than making money!!

- Chris, Australia | 24 th March 2010 18:20


Is this an advanced excuse for BAU-business as usual, that is drugs, rave parties and of course rape and murder in during our 'tourism fest?

- Kalidas Sawkar, Goa-India | 24 th March 2010 15:40


oh GOD! a leader without a vision handling a portfolio which gives major proportion of income to govt.!!

- Neha P, Madgao | 24 th March 2010 15:11


I totally disagree with Mr. Pacheco, there is wide scope for development of tourism in Goa. please come out of those surveys. Be practical. Our beaches are dirty, roads and other infrastructure to support Goa as tourist destination is totally absent. We only have shacks, discos and bars. Firstly, we don't provide security to our guests. They are misguided by taxi people and harassed by lamani menace on the beaches. There is no control of tourism dept. on beaches. Locals take advantage of tourists. Tourists are robbed.

Tourism dept. has failed to maintain heritage buildings as they are collapsing. Please don’t stick to papers. Come out of documents and practically analyse the problems faced by tourism industry. Come with master plans, please don’t make false promises and bluffs. Still we are depending on Beaches ,Temples and Churches to attract tourists. Eco

Tourism is totally ignored in Goa. Issues like River Princess are pending for years. Coast of Sinquerim is totally eroded.

Our delegates visit international tourism marts but never learn from their counterparts. Political will is lacking in Goa. Role of associations associated with industry fail to put their point with government.

- Paresh Desai, margao | 24 th March 2010 12:45


I liked photograph of tourism minister. At least his dress code will help Goa in developing the tourism

- Sanjay p Sawant Dessai, Curchorem goa | 24 th March 2010 06:31


We need to get rid of this tourism minister who has no vision and therefore feels that there is no scope for the development of tourism in Goa. He probably wants development of bull fighting arenas.

- krishna, betalbatim | 24 th March 2010 02:13


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