कैसे ?

Posted By सोनिया सिरसाट | 27 May 2013 19:29 IST


आना नहीं है जिसे, उस ग़म को मैं बुलाऊँ कैसे ?

हर पल चली आती खुशी को ठुकराऊँ कैसे ?


जब न रही कोई उम्मीद, नाउम्मीद मैं हो जाऊँ कैसे ?

रोशनी के समुंदर से, अँधेरे को ढुँढ़ लाऊँ कैसे ?


काँटे बन रहे हैं फूल, चुभन कोई मैं पाऊँ कैसे ?

दिल की ज़मीन पर, दर्द की चादर बिछाऊँ कैसे ?


बन गयी है ज़िन्दगी जन्नत, मातम मैं मनाऊँ कैसे ?

कितनी खूबसूरत है हक़ीक़त, ख्व़ाबों को समझाऊँ कैसे ?



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Sudeshbab, thank you very much for going through my poems and giving a deep thought to it. Your question gave me an opportunity to give a second thought to my poems. Thank you very much once again.

My poem, 'Hanv Maat Sahaj Jagata' speaks in terms of our lives which have become mechanical in today’s scenario for whatever reasons. We do so many things in our day-to-day life without even giving a thought to it. In such circumstances even our meaningful gestures, become meaningless.

The poem, ‘Kaise’ speaks in terms of the amount of sorrow and pain one goes through in his life for quite a long time. It gives an expression to one’s hard struggle and also portrays the reality which is not at all pleasant for him. At a particular point of time, the person gets used to this situation and then the biggest possible pain, sorrow, struggle, etc. doesn’t make any difference to him. He remains happy even when he is expected to be sad in a particular situation. Needless to say, he remains happy forever. Therefore he says, ‘Kitani Khubasurat Hai Hakikat Khwabon Ko Samajhaoon Kaise ?’

- Dr. Soniya Sirsat, Parra | 15 th June 2013 19:41


Your last poem ' Hanv mat sahaj jagata' and this poem, do they contradict?

- Sudesh prabhudesai, margao | 12 th June 2013 19:18


हौसला अफ़्ज़ाई के लिए बहुत बहुत शुक्रिया, जयरामजी |

- Dr. Soniya Sirsat, Parra | 28 th May 2013 15:47


सोनीयाजी, बहुत खूब !

- J. A. REDKAR, ST.CRUZ GOA | 28 th May 2013 10:37


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