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***** आदर्श *****

नितिमत्तॆची बातां मारपी
लॊकूच जॆन्ना
रसातळाक गॆल्लॆ दिश्टी पडटात
तॆन्ना नवॆ पिळगॆक
आदर्श तॊ कसलॊ उरता?

सभॆमाजार भाशणां ठॊकपी
लॊकूच जॆन्ना
वॆदीफाटल्यान न्हॆसण सॊडटात
तॆन्ना नवॆ पिळगॆक
आदर्श तॊ कसलॊ उरता?

विज्ञानाची कास धरपी
लॊकूच जॆन्ना
प्रयॊगाआदीं नाल्ल फॊडटात
तॆन्ना नवॆ पिळगॆक
आदर्श तॊ कसलॊ उरता?

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Let me be Frank here once again. I am saraswat and born in Goa. I am Goan lion who will roar al the way in any condition. But i really feel one thing very bad. First of all most saraswat families sends there children to English.The Brahmin from Goa who support marathi on other hand sends their children to Marathi. secondly my fellow collegues saraswat who support Konkani one way cannot competete with the great marathi writer from maharashtra so i feel they have diverted towards Konkani. BakiBab was having great respect in Maharashtra then Goa during his time.

I feel officially we should have both languages in Goa so let people can choose any one which they find easy

- Vishnu Borkar, Valpoi | 21 st May 2013 12:22


Dear Vishnu baab,

What a revelation about what 'you' strongly feel.

I too strongly feel that Marathi is the language surviving on borrowed ideas. look t the Farsi and Sanskrit words in Marathi.

So do not ridicule Konkani. Even several phrases in Marathi are directly borrowed from English.

Marathi was given state patronage by a Muslim ruler Malik Amber but later even Shivaji's court language continued to be Farsi ( Persian). Languages are not created overnight. They evolve over a period of time.

Don't you know that Shirawdkar and PU La extensively copied from Shakespeare? tee phularani, natasamrat are just two exapmles of borrowed concepts, there are many.

Looks like your world and exposure is limited to Marathi.

Each era has its own medium of expression . Marathi Natak is becoming a passe with the advent of TV but some people who prefer to live under the intoxication of false pride due to their sheer ignorance keep pointing at the shortcomings of others.

Forget Konkani and Marathi. All Indian languages put together will not come anywhere close to the quality of literature and information available in English.

SO let Konkani grow and let Marathi too grow in their own fashion. DO not compare. Be humble and learn to respect all languages. Konkani may be far behind but it is YOUR mother if you are a Goan. I am sure you do not reject and insult your mother because she is not as beautiful as Marilyn Munroe.I can understand that you feel माझ्या मराठीची गोडी मला वाटते अवीट . But Konkani is your identity and remember आप सोडून पर धरी ताची मन्सुबी देव करी.

Sant Dnyaneshwar prayed for सर्वेपि सुखिन सन्तु: So please knock down the blinkers of chauvinism.

- Gajendra Tari, Ponda Goa | 24 th April 2013 09:23


भौमानॆस्त विष्णुबाब,


खरॆ म्हणजॆ तुमी जॊ अविचार मांडला तॊ

काळाभायरॊ जाल्ल्यान ताका उत्तर करपाची गरज ना.

पुण कॊंकणीचॊ पाखॊ घॆवपी गॊंयकार आपल्या भुरग्यांक

इंग्लिश शाळांनी धाडटात म्हणून शीण काडटना

तुमी जॆ पत्र बरॊवपाचॆ त्रास घॆतलॆ तॆन्ना

तुमकां हॆं पत्र मराठींत बरॊवपाची याद जाली ना.

गांवागांवानी मराठी शाळा बंद पडपाक लागल्यात

त्यॊ कित्याक बंद पडटात ताचॊ मात्सॊ सॊद घॆयात.

उल्लॊ प्रस्न कॊंकणी साहित्याचॊ.

तुमकां जर कॊंकणी साहित्यापरस मराठी साहित्य

दर्जॆदार दिसता जाल्यार तॆं साहित्य वाचपाक कॊणॆ आडावंक ना.

उदय म्हांबरॊ.

- uday mhambro, volvoi | 23 rd April 2013 21:16



I strongly feel Konkani is dialect of marathi . In Goa Marathi/konkani should be given equal status. When portuguse were here there was only Marathi schools and no konkani school. so konkani culture is preserved because of marathi. secondly those who insists for konaki sends there children to english so what is the use of fighting for english. thirdly till date these konkani writers haven written single good drama like one written by vasant kanetkar, vi va shirwadkar,pu la deshpandey , rangnekar and so on. i dont think within this small tiny place we will get good literacture to read like Marathi.

- Vishnu Borkar, valpoi | 23 rd April 2013 17:31


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