Goa unaffected despite power failure

| 31 July 2002 14:56 IST

In spite of remaining cut off from the western power grid for almost 18 hours unlike other western states, activity in Goa could continue unaffected, thanks to the increased allocation from the southern grid.

"We would have been in real trouble if the southern grid from Karnataka had not agreed to increase our allocation in emergency situation", stated R A Ghali, the chief electrical engineer.

Goa was equally affected last night due to sudden collapse of power supply from the western grid to the western states including Maharashtra and Gujarat. The major NTPC power allocation for Goa comes from this grid.

Goa draws almost 120 MW from the western grid while only 85 MW is drawn from the southern grid, besides purchasing around 35 MW from the local private generator at exorbitant price. The total requirement of the tourist state at peak hours is 240 MW.

After the western grid collapsed last night at 8.15, the electricity department however immediately put off all the high-tension feeders supplying power to the steel rolling mills, consuming not less than 80 MW every day. Due to off-season, the big five star hotels also came to the rescue, reducing the tension.

The real respite however was the southern grid officials agreeing to increase the allocation to almost 120 MW the whole night and then at 100 MW during the daytime. Since Goa normally draws only 85 MW out of allocated power of 100 MW, this could be possible, said Ghali.

Goa had remained cut off from the western grid even after power supply to most of the western states was restored. The electricity department officials here however were hopeful that normalcy would be restored by 2 pm today.

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