VHP assures Ghar Wapsi to Goan Christians

PTI, PANAJI | 27 February 2015 21:38 IST

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Friday said it would "facilitate" reconversions in Goa if the local people wanted it.

"Thousands of years ago, Hindus in Goa were converted to Christianity. If they want to come back and if they contact VHP, we will facilitate their return to Hinduism," said Dada Vedak, VHP's convenor for Goa and Maharashtra.

Alleging that the Catholic church converted people "aggressively", Vedak said VHP would not use force, but reconvert the people with "mamata (compassion), samata (equality) and prem (love)".

"If they want to come (back to Hinduism) how can we stop them?" he said.

Vedak was speaking at a press conference to announce 'Virat Hindu Sammelan' on Sunday at Fatorda Stadium in the state.


Issues such as cow-slaughter would be discussed at this gathering, he said.

The program of reconversion to Hinduism by the Hindu organisations, also dubbed as 'Ghar-Wapsi', has not been held in Goa, a BJP-ruled state, so far.

As several local Christian organisations expressed concern over the issue ahead of the February 13 Panaji
Assembly bypoll, Defence Minister and former Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had said such program would not be allowed to be held in the state.

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HIndus, Christians along with Muslims and folk of other religions,co -exists in exceptional harmony in Goa.

Goa/Goans are admired for this harmony and it is the envy of many States.

I cannot see many Christians that wish to be re-converted.

However there is one exception I make. That is the Deputy C.M of Goa, Francis D'Souza.

He is not sure which religion he really wishes to practice or follow.

If told he can be the CM of Goa, if he reconverts to Hinduisms...he will do so.

If told he mus tbe a Christian to be Chief Guest at Tiatrs,he will remain a Christian!!

In planin and simple English parlance, The Dy CM is no more than a" Fair weather Cock" seen atop a house. He blows in a direction, according to the wind.

As for the VHP, they aren`t going to make much progress.

All they are fit for, are rhetoric's , making trouble and cooking up some nonsense.

It becomes obvious the world has not changed for them.

They live in modernity but sleep in the past.

Finally,as they say " the proof is always in the pudding.

It would be interesting to see their rate of conversions.

The only way the can convert, is probably by financial bribery.

Voluntary conversions is just a dream. A wild dream. a slumberous(sleep) dream and wild fantasy

- N.Fernandes, London | 28 th February 2015 12:37


Dont be surprised if defence minister aka U-TURN is the chair for this meeting.

APES will be also wondering when this VHP would be doing APE wapasi orGorilla wapsi.

- sanjay, miramar | 28 th February 2015 02:50


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