Monserattes sweep Taleigao panchayat, BJP opens account

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 28 April 2014 22:05 IST

The Monseratte couple swept the Taleigao panchayat poll for the third consecutive term, but this time losing only one ward to the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party’s panel, out of total 11 wards.

Both – Taleigao MLA Jennifer Monseratte and her husband St Cruz MLA Babush – had personally moved from house to house to get its panel elected.

However, the Monseratte victory is seen as a defeat of chief minister Manohar Parrikar, the MLA of neighbouring Panaji, as the election is held when the BJP is in power in the state.

Babush however is not prepared to give credit to his party – the Congress – for the victory.

“I would prefer sitting at home the day I would need helping hand of the Congress leaders to win Taleigao panchayat election. This is people’s victory, not the Congress”, said the Congress MLA.

Though 10 faces are new in the elected Taleigao panchayat council, Jennifer said this victory was possible solely because of the work also of the outgoing panchas.

Babush has already announced that Janu Rosario would be the new Sarpanch while Estella D’Souza would be the deputy.

BJP leader Dattaprasad Naik, who lost last Assembly election to Jennifer, said his party is happy that they could open an account in Taleigao panchayat, may be with a sole panch.

BJP-supported Raghuvir Kunkolienkar was declared elected by only 20 votes after the Babush panel demanded a recount.


The ruling BJP, at the initiative of Parrikar, had set up a panel ‘Together for Taleigao’, with a slogan of ending the Monseratte hegemony, but did not succeed.

Most of the candidates of Monseratte panel – Taleigao Progressive Democratic Front – got elected with a margin of over 100 votes.

Not a single candidate of a third panel, led by former BJP Mayor Ashok Naik and Agnelo Silveira, could get elected from the seven out of 11 they contested.

The winners, ward-wise, are as follows:

  1. 1. Sunil Pai (730)
  2. 2. Terezin Santano Barreto (750)
  3. 3. Helena Antonio M D’Souza (554)
  4. 4. Mahadev Kunkolienkar (488)
  5. 5. Uday Kuttikar (476)
  6. 6. Janu Rosario (478)
  7. 7. Estella D’Souza (719)
  8. 8. Vilma Afonso Cardoz (461)
  9. 9. Raghuvir Kunkolienkar (469)
  10. 10. Rekha Bhandari (810)
  11. 11. Archana Saipekar (899)

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@Francisco Lourenco

Oh yes...Popular and immoral. And the kids are no different either.

- N.Fernandes, London | 30 th April 2014 21:54


The Monserattes are very popular in Taleigao. Nobody can deny this.

- Francisco Lourenco, Goa | 30 th April 2014 01:18


Thugs, murderers, goondas ,goons and looters seem to have a strange hold /fascination on Voters and vote banks in Goa.

Anyone with money(power), usually obtained by illegal means or embezzlement, has a strange method of garnering votes .

Babush & Victoria seem to be the epitome of dirty Goan Politics.

- N.Fernandes, London | 29 th April 2014 20:26


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