Goa to regulate taxi fare, strike called off

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 26 February 2014 18:40 IST

Goa will go for defined rate cards for taxi fares as the two-day taxi strike was called off today after violent protests against allowing out-of-state cab service.

Goa government has set up a task force, headed by chief minister Manohar Parrikar, to work out amicable solutions to all the problems the taxi service the tourist state is facing.

Taxi operators had pulled off its service from the road in protest of allowing Ola cab service in Goa.

Following violent protests, supported even by ruling party MLAs – BJP’ Michael Lobo and GVP’s Caitu Silva, Parrikar today held the first round of talks with around 30 taxi operators form the South and the North.

Goa has around 8000 taxis running in different parts of the state, mainly in the coastal belt.

Parrikar said he had given the proposal to the taxi associations to work as a company so that people could get taxis on Ola model.

Ola cabs in bulk were hired by the state government for Lusofonia games, after which the company had opened its offices in the tourist state.

“We are also working out the rate cards on point-to-point basis so that the issue of overcharging is resolved”, said the chief minister.

He also said the rate cards would be displayed at the air ports, hotels as well all other public places.

On the lines of Kerala, the government is also planning to provide professional training to the taxi drivers while also conducting a crash course for the drivers who have not studied up to Std VIII.

“The issue of foreign touts coming to Goa and running taxi business illegally would also be tackled by intensifying patrolling and deporting such illegal businessmen”, said Parrikar.

He has also warned the taxi drivers of not sparing them however, if they take law in hand by blocking roads.

The task force plans to meet once in three days to resolve all the issues as fast as possible.

“I may not be able to implement some measures immediately if election is announced, due to code of conduct”, said Parrikar.

MLAs Lobo and Silva also expressed satisfaction over the issue getting resolved amicably. 

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Previous Comments

Its a very nice post. I get many of the useful points after reading this blog. Thanks a lot for sharing.

- Sushma Gupta, Birmingham, UK | 15 th May 2014 12:41


Tourist Taxi-wallas are refusing to have meters.

It is one of the most fairest of systems and widely used in almost all Indian Metros & Tourist resorts.

It is also used in many International destinations.

It seems unlikely that Mr Parrikar & BJP will enforce meters. His explanation will be , as usual contrived &. pointless.

Every Goan & Tourist wants Taxis metered in Goa. Sadly Parrikar (seen as an authoritarian & dictator nowadays) & BJP do not wish to serve the needs of its people. It wishes to be in servitude to the Taxi cheats.

Parrikars democracy= Of the People, by the people but for the taxi walls....& miners

- N.Fernandes, London | 04 th March 2014 21:14


A golden oportunity to enforce meters wasted. CM playing politics in view of lok saba elections

- TS, Mapusa | 28 th February 2014 21:27


Who has started this taxi problem? What is the tourism minister of Goa Dilip Parulekar doing? Is he getting illegal land from Serula communidade and busy in fighting his court battle?

Who allowed Olacabs to enter Goa? What about our honest and hardworking Goans who work day and night as taxi operators?

- Vivian Fernandes, Goa | 28 th February 2014 14:27


It is high time the Govt. make the Taxi operators a one group company. To better the control of operation and regulate the fares accordingly. This is a wake up call FOR all of us who call ourselves GOANS. Get together and before the situation gets out of hand and hurt so that others who have already been settled in Goa, will take this opportunity with both hands to make their home in our state. Put your minds together and work as one group with out differences and solve this mess. This will prove how much GOAN is left in you.

- Anthony Mendes, UAE | 28 th February 2014 12:42


They say " a leopard cannot change its spots".

Similarly, Goans, Indians & Tourists worldwide, wonder if Goan Taxi Drivers can change their dirty looting habits.

Its probably unfair to paint every Taxi operator as a passenger "Looter ". I am sure there are good and honest ones too. Credits to them,with God`s blessings thrown in.

However the overwhelming notion everywhere, not just India , but around the world, is that the whole Taxi Trade in Goa is infested with rogues that are hell bent on "fleecing" one and all.

Why should Goa Politicians be so concerned about Goa Taxi-wallas fleecing all & sundry . It does not affect them as they are easily recognised and probably even given a free ride for a "favour" in return.

Mr. Parrikar, Goa`s Chief Minister has now decided to take it upon himself to resolve the issues. In doing so, does it mean that his Ministers & government Machinery are impotent, ill educated or inadequate?

There is a general consensus amongst the Goan/Indian Public and Tourists (Indian & Foreign) alike , that the simplest and most fair of all systems, will be the "Metering Of Taxis" in Goa.

Any other system is open to abuse and arbitrary charging.

Petro /Gasoline is metered. Water is Metred. Electricity is metered. Food is sold by weight.Beverages are sold in litres. So why do Tourist Taxi`s in Goa not have a determined measurement?

Presently, Mr Parrikar thinks he is the "smartest kid on the block". He seems to consider himself as the most intelligent person walking around in Goa. God`s gift to Goa .He pours scorn on Journalists & everyone that disagrees with his one-track mind.

Based on his record thus far, he will surely be making many U-Turns in trying to bring a resolution to the festering Taxi Issue.

Question:will a rate card be any useful?

answer: Only if it cannot be Faked/doctored.

Instead of just speaking to the Taxi fraternity...wouldn`t it be more appropriate for the CM to also speak to & take the views/opinions of the General Public/Users of Taxi services?.

If the CM does not wish to seek the opinions of the Public, he can surely read all the Forums on this topic.

- N.Fernandes, London | 27 th February 2014 14:11


The fleecing & Cheating Taxi walls of Goa,who have disgraced the name of Goa & Goans, must be made to issue a Receipt, with the Point to Point destinations and charge rendered.

Included in the Receipt must be a Name & Vehicle no.

There should also be a Telephone no. included for complaints /cheating.

Every other Service Sector eg. restaurants, goods,cinemas,Music Festivals etc issues receipts. Why not Taxi wallas?

Tips & Bhaksheesh can be excluded from Receipts.

However, I do not see the Goa Government implementing such a fair system. So we will all be back to square one. And the Taxi wallas can go on a Fleecing rampage once again and the vicious circle, continues.

Time Goans demand receipts.

- N.Fernandes, London | 26 th February 2014 21:09


Install Meters For Taxi, Bike & Rickshaw. Let Them Charge Passengers With The Meter Reading. Without Meter Reading, They Are Charging Double Fare.

- Jose Rod, Goa | 26 th February 2014 19:44


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