Kejriwal is 'Ranchhoddas': Parrikar

PTI, NEW DELHI | 11 February 2014 20:41 IST

Attacking Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for threatening to quit if Jan Lokpal Bill is not passed in the state assembly, Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar today said the Delhi CM is running away from his duties and does not know how to govern.

"He (Kejriwal) says if not passed, I will leave, resign. This is called Ranchhoddas attitude. If he has guts, he should sit there, fight and get it done. He would have taken three months for it (passing the Jan Lokpal Bill), then I would have given him some credit. He is running away," he told PTI in an interview.

Yesterday, Kejriwal had threatened to resign if his pet anti-graft legislation, the Jan Lokpal Bill, is not passed by the state Assembly due to lack of support from other parties.

He again reiterated the stand today, saying he was ready to sacrifice the Chief Minister's post "thousand times" to ensure "swaraj" and give power to the common people.

However, Parrikar said that "who told you that by resigning, you are going to election again. He does not know the law, he is telling people lies. If he resigns, the state can be put under President's rule and try after 6 month's again. There is legal provision for everything."


On Jan Lokpal Bill, which is opposed by both Congress and BJP, the Goa Chief Minister said that it is a misconceived notion that with the proposed law, corruption can be removed and punishment can be delivered immediately.

"No investigation agency, under judicial concept of India, can deliver punishment simultaneously. If you are an investigating agency, you stay an investigating agency and say that this man has done corruption and then, he should be tried in a court of law.

"So when I read in paper that in Jan Lokpal, life imprisonment will be awarded, I am surprised. How can Jan Lokpal define a punishment. Jan Lokpal will not be able to try the person, it has to be done by a court. The moment it goes to court, you know how many years it is going to take," Parrikar said. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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@A. Pinto. You are 100% right. Congress & BJP are afraid to go for an immediate election due to AAP will get more than 50 seats, if election is held now. AAP has fulfilled maximum promised what they had promised. They have done many things for the Aam Aadmi in 49 days. Arvind had to resign because Congress & BJP does not allowed AAP to pass Swaraj Bill & Jan Lokpal Bill (included Citizen Charter Act).

- Jose Rod, Goa | 20 th February 2014 14:25


@Jaret de Silva. I Am With AAP Because Of Swaraj Act. If AAP Cannot Pass Swaraj Act, It Is Better To Resign Then To Stick To The CM Chair Like Congress & BJP Does. Arvind Kejriwal Has Proved That He Is A True Freedom Fighter And He Deserves To Be PM Of India.

- Jose Rod, Goa | 20 th February 2014 14:15


parrikar is darpok he does not have guts': Shiv

- shiv, aldona | 18 th February 2014 10:32


Just because he worked with Mother Theresa does not mean he knows the pulse of the Aam Admi. All of Kejrivals thoughts are good and clear. I too wish all that he wants to happen does happen, but he has to realize that all that has to happen will happen with time patience and proper procedure. Kejriwal is a man in a hurry who does not know where to turn and stop. I wish Aam Admi all the best and the party too good luck, but the way it is now... i see a bleak future.

- Jaret de Silva, Chandor Goa | 12 th February 2014 23:49


Parrikarbab, good for BJP. Ask your party to form the government in Delhi and deliver the goods. After six months BJP & Congress can have coalition government is that what you are proposing ? Or is it that you want first Parliament elections to take place. Or are you and your party afraid that AAP will get absolute majority in the next elections.

- A. Pinto, Olaulim | 11 th February 2014 23:35


Arvind Kejriwal Is Honest, Simple, Helpful And Above All He Has Worked With Mother Teresa And So He Knows The Feelings Of Common Man And He Knows How To Work For Aam Aadmi.

- Jose Rod, Goa | 11 th February 2014 20:55


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