BJP to try & get Portugal delete dual citizenship clause

PTI, PANAJI | 01 January 2014 14:17 IST

In one of its pre-election promises, the BJP has assured lakhs of Goans to help them get reprieve on the dual citizenship front, if the party is voted to power at the Centre.

“The Indian constitution does not allow dual citizenship if you voluntarily become the citizen of another country,” Parrikar said adding that the word “voluntarily” is important as many Goans have their birth registered in Portugal without their knowledge.

Goa was a former Portuguese colony which was liberated and attached to mainstream in 1961.

The chief minister said that the dual citizenship issue is troubling several lakh Goans, who fear to lose their Indian identity.

“There are cases wherein their births have been registered in Portugal by third person or some agent, without their knowledge,” Parrikar said explaining that these Indian citizens are unaware about their Portuguese citizenship.


He also pointed out a clause in Portuguese law which makes those who were born in Goa before liberation (then Portuguese colony) as Portuguese citizens.

“We should remove that clause in the act of Portugal which has unnecessarily troubled several Goans,” Parrikar said.

The CM said that he has briefed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on this issue.

“Once BJP comes to power in the centre we will resolve this issue immediately. We will have enough clout (in the Centre) to resolve Goa issues,” he commented.

Parrikar said that BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi will also be apprised about the issue during his forthcoming state visit.

Two MLAs from the the BJP coalition are presently facing the axe of disqualification since they were Portuguese citizens while contesting Assembly election last year.

As per Indian Constitution, any person having foreign citizenship cannot be called Indian citizen and foreign citizen cannot contest any election in India.

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We do not need pardons from the Union Home Ministry as Mr. Sripad Naik has suggested wherein he understands that transcribing a birth register in Portugal amounts to claiming Portuguese Citizenship. Does the Indian Constitution gives us the right to interpret or misinterpret foreign laws and apply them to Indian Citizens residing in Goa? Birth registration in Portugal gives only the right to claim citizenship of that country and does not automatically confer the same. As for Mr. Manohar Parrikar he has displayed total arrogance in this matter. If he believes that India Constitution or Indian Politics permits him to change the laws of another country, then may he should suggest to the Union Home Ministry or the External Affairs Ministry to ask the American Government to their law so that all Indians who are living in America can have their stay legalised. Better still have the American law changed so that lady Khobrangade can have her charges dropped from the American court. If such statements about Portuguese legal system had come from a non-Goan it was perfectly understandable, but coming from the mouth of persons claiming to be Goans it is utterly shameful! And you had studied at IIT Bombay. Better engage your brain before putting your mouth in gear. As for Davalikar the less said the better. It speaks volumes about our educational system. If you do not have knowledge about something then all it takes is a few clicks of the computer mouse. Voila! you have all the information. And to you my Goan brothers and sisters: stand up and be counted! We did that during our fight during the "Opinion Poll". We were all united.

- Mario Fernandes, Houston Texas | 08 th January 2014 21:48


In a utter cheap bid to garner votes in the ensuing Lok Sabha elections, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has now assured that if the BJP comes to power at the Centre the Portuguese citizenship row will be resolved. How on earth does he contemplate amending the Portuguese law? Goans need to beware and not get fooled once again. Manohar Parrikar’s claim that the birth of many is being registered in Portugal without one’s knowledge is fallacious and utter rubbish.

The documents required for the Birth transcription in Portugal are birth certificate, a residence Certificate and also an additional residence Certificate to prove your residence in Goa from 1.1.1974 to 31.12.1975. All these documents cannot be obtained unless one personally applies for them, especially the residence certificate which requires one’s sworn affidavit stating the purpose for which that residence certificate is required.

While the birth Certificate is required to be issued by the Sub – Registrar only, the residence certificate has to be from the Panchayat or the Mamlatdar which should clearly state that you are a resident of Goa, Daman or Diu from birth and also during the period from 1.1.1974 to 31.12.1975. All these documents have to be later attested by a Notary, Collector, Under Secretary (Home Dept.) and also the Portuguese Consulate in Goa. So the whole procedure is very cumbersome and cannot be completed without one’s knowledge as sought to be falsely claimed by the Chief Minister.

It is appalling that Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar is stooping so low to defend the indefensible, all for the sake of power. Only recently he had even claimed that Caitu in question is not MLA Caitu but another Caitu. Ironically this has never been MLA Caitu’s stand on the issue.

If only Caitu and Ticlo were Congress MLA’s, Manohar Parrikar would have blown a different trumpet over the roof top. Is Manohar Parrikar taking Caitu for a ride or is it vice-versa. Or are they both taking Goa for a spin?

- Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar | 02 nd January 2014 21:09


"Goa was a former Portuguese colony which was liberated and attached to mainstream in 1961."

liberated?! from what? civilisation?

- Shafiq Alibhai, Margao | 02 nd January 2014 14:40


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