Goa FFs oppose Lusofonia Games

PTI, PANAJI | 02 September 2013 21:11 IST

Freedom fighters from Goa have expressed their resentment over hosting of the Portuguese Commonwealth Games, popularly known as Lusofonia Games, saying the event reminds people of the oppressive Portuguese regime they faced.

"Few of the pro-Portuguese people still want to assert that they ruled over Goa for 450 years. It is sad. We strongly express our resentment over these games to be hosted in Goa," Chandrakant Kenkre, president of Goa Freedom Fighters Association, told PTI.

"Several people lost their lives and thousands went behind bars to liberate Goa from Portuguese rule. We can`t forget that," he said.

The organisers have claimed that these games are being played in Goa because the state is a Portuguese-speaking region.

Goa Olympics Association president Gurudatt Bhakta had said last week that the hosting of the games has nothing to do with the state`s Portuguese colonial past.

Kenkre has appealed all sportsmen not to participate in the games to be held from November 2-10.

"India`s team is tagged as India (Goa) which indicates that they want to assert about their colonial past. If they want India to participate why the word Goa in the name of the team?" asked Kenkre, who had spent five years in Aguada jail during Portuguese rule and was honoured with several awards post liberation.

He said the freedom fighters were kept in dark about hosting of the games or else they would have opposed it right from the beginning.

The games would be held across six stadiums in Goa, three of which are constructed especially to host the event.

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While appreciating the sacrifice of the Freedom fighters I would like to say that we have to move on. Don't let the past hinder progress.

A lot of people will benefit from this event. Tourism comes first to mind. And we need it in these times.

- Celestino Pinto, Olaulim, Goa | 15 th September 2013 20:59


Qiote.."He said the freedom fighters were kept in dark about hosting of the games or else they would have opposed it right from the beginning." Unquote

This very remark demonstrates the calibre of some of Freedom Fighters.

I certainly do not (even for one second ) believe these Freedom Fighter's have been denied access to Newspapers and Televisions or even not been told about these Games by word of mouth.

As far as I am aware these Games have been the News for the past few years.

If Freedom Fighters (form any Country) wish to be believed, respected or even heard, they should be TRUTHFUL with facts & reality.

Goa is known more for its Football prowess rather than any other sport. Even Cricket plays second fiddle to Football.

Most of the youth and even grown -ups nowadays wear T-shirts and other paraphernalia of Portuguese Football Stars like Ronaldo & Figo. Are the Freedom Fighters

going to demand a ban on this?

The Goa Government is seeking assistance from Portugal to assist with the garbage issues. Are the Freedom Fighters going to request a STOP to this?

The Tourism Dept. is hoping there is more Tourism from Portugal. Are the Freedom Fighters going to STOP this revenue earner.

Perhaps it is time the Freedom Fighters are advised to STOP anti-Portuguese rhetoric....or they will lose their respectability, if any still exists.

- N.Fernandes, UK | 03 rd September 2013 23:52


Isn't it about time that these former freedom fighters take cognisance of certain facts. The war against the colonizing power was half a century ago. Time and people have moved on and the colonizers are no longer in power, most are long dead and others aged and no longer in position of power.

Hatred has no place in society and it will only consume you. All of India's governments have continued to maintain relations with Portugal. I suggest that you do the same and adopt a more positive view.

- mytriumph, canada | 03 rd September 2013 18:52


India hosted Commonwealth Games and it was not considered as insult to the freedom fighters of India.

Why the, Lusofonia Games should be insult to the freedom fighters of Goa.

This is just a sporting event and it should be viewed as such.

There was no need to consult the freedom fighters before agreeing to host these games.

- Francisco, Goa | 03 rd September 2013 13:51


For over fifty years these freedom fighters are made redundant. So they want to show Goans that few of them are still alive. So this protest. I feel they in fact should be grateful for the Portuguese; for without them they wouldn't have got their pension. I wonder if any of them have given their thought to it.

- A.Pinto, Olaulim | 03 rd September 2013 13:41


While many other people wish to build bridges & harmony with their Colonial Masters & Past, those in Goa seem to be regressive.

The UK & Germany fought 2 bitter & devastating wars. But today they work & live in harmony.

South Africa underwent an apartheid system.But today the racial groups involved in this system , have forgiven each other and promote harmony with each other.

The Mau Mau in Kenya too have moved on.

Why not those in Goa.

Something seems seriously wrong with Goan Freedom Fighters.

Are they hanging on to sentiment?

- N.Fernandes, UK | 03 rd September 2013 13:10


Pls. do not oppose Lusofonia Games. See the positive side of it. Let Portuguese people see how Portuguese language is died in Goa within 50 years. This may inspire other ex-colonial countries to upheld their national pride.

- Shekhar, Panaji | 03 rd September 2013 01:41


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