Centre rejects Shataram bill on Special Status

PTI, NEW DELHI | 30 August 2013 20:20 IST

Central government today opposed a resolution to provide special status to Goa for regulating the influx of foreigners and migrants to the state and protecting the economic and cultural interests of its citizens.

The private member resolution, which was later withdrawn after the Government's reply, was moved by Shantaram Naik (Cong) from Goa. 

Naik demanded special provisions to be to made in Article 371 so that Goa assembly has rights to enact laws. 

"Land mafia from foreign countries are landing in states like Goa with tonnes of money buying huge areas creating social and economic chaos. Some of the parties are potential enough to buy a whole village," Naik said. 

"The Goa Assembly should have right to enact laws to regulate influx of people in the state," he said. 

In support of his resolution, the Congress MP said in some places in Goa, Russians and Israelis were involved in running commercial activities and were "grabbing land" and this was harming the interest of the local people. 

Replying after the debate on the resolution, Minister of State for Home RPN Singh said the Constitution of the country provides a right to every citizen of the country to move from one place to another. "The government opposes the resolution in its present form," he said. 

On Naik's charge that Russians and other foreigners were involved in illegal commercial activity, he said under the prevalent visa regimes of the country, they cannot do commercial activities without permission of RBI. 

"If they are doing so, they should be dealt with strongly and the state government is empowered to do so," Singh said. 

Narendra Kashyap (BSP) and Munavvar Saleem (SP) also took part in the debate. 

Rama Jois (BJP) moved a resolution to form a National Reconciliation Adalat headed by a former Chief Justice of India to address issues between Hindus and Muslims which cause communal riots.

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Previous Comments

It does not seem like Mr Shantaram Naik has made a detailed and good case for Special Status.

It seems like more a Headline Grabbing" stunt and propping-up of the failed Congress Party ,lying idle in Goa and in a state of decay.

Strangely the biggest Mafiosi in India and Goa too ,are its Politicians. Many of them own huge tracts of Land (orchard & Agricultural) and a portfolio of other properties. Babu Kavelkar is a case in hand.

Indian Politician's, many illiterate and semi -educated outshine Western Politicians or those in wealthier Nations, when it comes to their personal "Net Worth"(Asset & financial) accumulations.

Today Goa is The place to be & to own assets, for most corrupt Indian politicians. All want a piece or slice of the cake. They care two hoots if they trample over the reality of the situation or Goans.

Perhaps it is time to bring RPN Singh to Goa and give him a lesson on "REALITY".

There is nothing to suggest that the Constitution cannot be amended in part to cater to the interests smaller States, like Goa.

And do the current bunch of Goan Politicians care? Hardly unlikely.

They will wake up only when REALITY bites back & starts hurting...like the illegal mining. They will then blame NGO`s & the Supreme Court for the mess.

- N.Fernandes, UK | 31 st August 2013 14:38


Oh is that so Mr. RPN Singh ? They why can't Indians buy land in Jammu & Kashmir darling.

- A.Pinto, Olaulim | 31 st August 2013 00:09


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