Lusofonia has no colonial association: Bhakta

PTI, PANAJI | 26 August 2013 18:05 IST

Indian contingent for the forthcoming Lusofonia Games in Goa will be named as India (Goa), the organisers said.

The Games are a Portuguese Commonwealth event, in which all the Portuguese-speaking countries can take part, Goa Olympics Association President Gurudatta Bhakta said, denying that it had any colonial associations. 

The Games, to be held in October-November, had nothing do with Portuguese colonial rule, he said.

A controversy has erupted over Goa's participation. Goa was ruled by Portuguese for around 450 years before being liberated in 1961. 

BJP legislator Vishnu Wagh had termed the participation in the Games as "an insult to the freedom fighters" who fought for Goa's liberation. 

Wagh had said he has no problem with Goa hosting the Games, but the state should not participate in it. 

"We are not a Portuguese nation," he had said.

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has said the state government is not too keen on organizing the event, but it is fulfilling the commitment made by the previous (Congress-led) government.

Bhakta said the Indian contingent will be named as India (Goa), and will participate under the Indian national flag.

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Politicians are the main culprits that have put India down in all aspects. Be it sports, defense and infrastructure. Have a look at China. Today China is a super power. Once upon a time it was a poor country during the cultural revolution under Chairman Mao. India was much advanced than China . Where did we gone wrong.?. Corruption and interference from politicians. Our cities are dirty, no proper infrastructure , no proper sanitation, slums etc etc. We need good ,honest dynamic leaders who can take quick decisions to solve all this problems. Have a look at Goa today. The roads are congested, there are slums everywhere. The bus stands are filthy and dirty with pot holes. There are no parking spaces for cars , bikes etc. Mr. Parrikar has to act now. The garbage problem is the biggest challenge that has to be tackled, yet nothing is being done. The need of the hour is for the Goan youth to rise above all things and get the Government of Mr. Parrikar to act.

- Dom Pereira, Florida | 08 th September 2013 06:07


Romy , Pune :

It seems like his History books in school have been highly doctored.

I say this because when the Portuguese Colonised places like Brazil, Angola, Macau and other parts of the world, its own indigenous tribes or natives too ,were colonised.

I ask why is Goa different from this process.?

Weren`t Goan`s also a part of an indigenous tribe/ or natives.?

If Vishnu Wagh hopes to make some Political Capital with his crazy rants, he must realise Goans are now well travelled ,progressive and have a different perspective of the Global world.

His nonsense and regressive nonsense will have no place in the current world or even in Goa.

His pen and mouth is highly unlikely, to be able to "strike out" or even repair 450 years of Goa`s Colonial History.

- N.Fernandes, UK | 02 nd September 2013 16:38


As ...

BJP legislator Vishnu Wagh had termed the participation in the Games as "an insult to the freedom fighters" who fought for Goa's liberation.

Then...He should also ANSWER..


Participate/Organize.... COMMONWEALTH GAMES????

- Romy, Pune | 01 st September 2013 22:25



No point telling some Goan Politicians that. Sport is Sport.

When there is no financial benefit for them or personal gain /profit to be mad, they will always be critical.

- N.Fernandes, UK | 27 th August 2013 18:49


Participation and organising the Lusofonia Games is in no way an insult to the freedom fighters of Goa.

This is just an sporting event.

- Francisco, Goa | 26 th August 2013 22:33


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