Remove 'British' sirens from VIP cars: SC

PTI, NEW DELHI | 19 August 2013 23:02 IST

The Supreme Court today asked the Centre and the states to remove sirens from vehicles of VIPs as it is in violation of law and indicated that it would pass a direction for preventing misuse of red beacon also,observing that their use was a "reflection of British Raj".

A bench of justices G S Singhvi and V Gopala Gowda questioned why these facilities are given to ministers, bureaucrats and politicians when P Chidambaram had refused to have them when he was the Home Minister. 

"It is so paradoxical. P Chidambram who was the Home Minister said that he did not need escort and siren for his vehicle. It was the functional requirement of Home Minister but he said he did not need anything," it said. 

The court refused the plea of the governments seeking four weeks' more time to put in place rules for preventing their misuse and said that it would pass direction. 

"You are mocking at court's proceedings. We have given you enough time. Why did you not strike down notification in violation of Rule 108 of Central Motor Vehicles Act. 

The miffed court went on to say, "People are the masters. They pay taxes and elect their representatives. Why they should not be given red beacon and siren." 


"We are intending to strike down notifications. You have to ensure that all sirens are removed... It is a reflection of the British Raj," the bench said indicating that all notification of the Centre and states would be quashed as they are in violation of the Act. 

"Why should we not strike down notification of the state governments for allowing red beacon on vehicles carrying high dignitaries," the bench observed while pointing out that there are states which have put all Ministers, MLAs and bureaucrats under the category of high dignitaries. 

It said that only people holding constitutional posts be given red beacon and questioned the Centre for giving siren facilities to Supreme Court judges. 

"We have noticed thousand times that vehicles cross the red light when the vehicle is fitted with beacon and siren," the bench said.

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Previous Comments

Supreme Court Judges insult saying British siren

issue. Judges speak like rude against other nation then

what ordinary people speak? Judges must realized before

giving verdict and using abuse word not suitable Indians.

They should also bear in mind British done and

developed world past. Do not ignored supreme court


- Sanjay Kumar, Goa | 22 nd August 2013 17:33


For those that may not be aware, The Mayor Of London Boris Johnson, travels to his official workplace on a cycle.

Many other British Parliamentarians also use modes of Public Transport like, Trains, Buses Taxis and even cycle to travel to the Parliament.

Giving Official cars to Goan MLA`s and petty Bureaucrats is one expense ,Goa can live without.

Goan MLA`s are also known to use their official Vehicles with these Beacons & Sirens for their private work.

Some of this involves dropping the wife off to the market. Kids to schools ,and in some instances for Picnics and other private jaunts.

Quite recently, some Goan MLA`s rode to the Legislature without Helmets. This itself was in breach of Road Traffic rules.

Perhaps Mr Parrikar may wish to consider giving these Goan "Hells Angels", "RED HELMETS" with a brightly flashing & blinding Beacon atop.

Many Goan MLA`s also do not need Police Escorts. The Police should be protecting ordinary civilians from escalating crimes in Goa

Many of the MLA`s these days have an army of "Bouncers" ( or in street parlance GOONS & GOONDAS or THUGS) that accompany them everywhere.

I hope these so called Bouncers or "Hangers-on" are not financed by the Taxpayer.

It is not the duty of Goan Taxpayers to finance the Ministerial/Legislators Crumb-eaters and Mafiosi Brigades.

However I would suggest one for Vishnu Surya Wagh as he lives in fear that a Portuguese Flotilla of ships including The Sagres ,is parked just outside Goa with the purpose of re-taking Goa.

He is the only person left in Goa, that is still haunted by Portuguese DEMONS.

Even the best "Spritual Doctors" (shaman's) are unable to exorcize these Portuguese demons haunting poor & portly Vishnu Wagh!!.

- N.Fernandes, London | 20 th August 2013 13:40


The Supreme Court Indian has taken a very exemplary stand on use of Sirens & Red Beacons by Indian Ministers and petty State Officials too( including those in Goa).

This position must be applauded.

MLA`s or Parliamentarians' in the UK or even USA and most other advanced Countries,do not have use of Sirens or Red Beacons, in their Official Cars. And neither do they have them in their Private cars.

Red Beacons and Sirens are usually found in Dictatorial, Tin-Pot and Banana Republics.

Indian MP`s, MLA`s etc and Petty state officials tend to abuse the use of Sirens & Red Beacons.

The behaviour of some Goan MLA too are extremely disgraceful. They believe they own the roads in Goa and also can park anywhere. This isn't civilised behaviour .

The common man says "Good Riddance" & well done Supreme Court.

MLA`s in Goa are not super human beings.

Sirens should be reserved for the Police and emergency Services like Fire and Ambulances.

- N.Fernandes, London | 20 th August 2013 01:03


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