Portugal-Brazil may not attend Lusofonia

PTI, PANAJI | 08 August 2013 16:58 IST

Brazil and Portugal are unlikely to send their football teams to the Lusofonia Games beginning November 2 in Goa even as some of the participating nations have expressed their reservations on the infrastructure being put up in the state.

Lusofonia Games CEO Keshav Chandra who recently visited Macau, the headquarters of Association of the Portuguese Speaking Olympic Committees (ACOLOP), met Brazil representative Bernard Rajzman, a former sports minister, and requested him to send a football team but the latter insisted they want to be paid to send their football squad.

"I did not take the discussion further as government does not have money to pay for appearance," Chandra said today.

Chandra recently visited ACOLOP to apprise it on the infrastructural work being carried out by the Goa government to host the Lusofonia Games.

Chandra said he also met joint secretary of the Home ministry on his return and sorted out the visa problem which was one of the major hurdles for visiting teams.

Gurudatta Bhakta, the other member of the visiting committee, said that participating countries had shown reservations on sending their teams because of the present state of infrastructure but assured us that they would certainly send their teams once satisfied with the facilities.

"Angola has already promised to send teams for all nine disciplines. While East Timor will be partly funded by ACOLOP to send their teams," Bhakta said.

On the issue of International Olympic Association's (IOC) non-recognition of the IOA, Bhakta said that IOA executive would be meeting on August 25 for an amendment to the constitution as pointed out by the IOC.

"Things would be sorted out around September 22 thus clearing the way for National Olympic Association to function smoothly without fear of backlash from IOC," he added.

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One of the disciplines /events at the Olympics is the "Walking Race".

In many villages in Goa ,that hold a Local Sports day, usually on Republic of India day celebrations on 26th January, they have a "Slow Cycle Race".

I hope they would introduce a "Slow Walking Race" for the Lusofonia Games.

It is my belief that the best person to represent Goa for this event ,would be Vijay Surya Wagh, MLA of St Andre.

He would do his Constituents very proud too.

A brisk walk ,would surely rejuvenate his anti-colonial and anti international competitive sports, thought processes .

I am sure every Goan would come out to cheer him on.

Thereafter even Mr Parrikar will consider giving him a Senior Cabinet Posting.

- N.Fernandes, London | 09 th August 2013 23:49


I expect these Games will bring shame on Goa. Many Goan Politicians in Goa have been dithering on holding these games. It is being given an Ideological twist ,rather than seen as purely a competitive sports event and an exchange of friendship between Nations. Those that will suffer are the Goan Sports people. They work hard to experience international level sports. The MLA of St Andre has been making noises about these Games .The Chief Minister is claiming he has no emotional attachment to these games. Is this to appease Mr Wagh? Seems like the Spirit & brotherhood of Sportsmanship, is dead amongst Goan Politicians. The only losers will be Goan sports people. They will be stuck with low-level sports. Corruption is probably the only sports available to Ministers and in turn Goans.

I wonder if Mr Vishnu Wagh would ever refrain from having his writings published in Portuguese? and challenge Royalties vs Loyalties.

As for Mr Parrikar, I dont think he knows whether he is coming or going!! He is neither here nor there.

I wonder if Goans will thank Mr Wagh for his consistent stupidities and for his selfish self-importance.

- N.Fernandes, London | 09 th August 2013 11:24


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