Sardinha evolves new theory for Cong-acquired land

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 07 June 2013 14:12 IST

South Goa MP Francisco Sardinha has evolved a new theory. Land allotted to outsiders by the Congress government should be taken back by the BJP government because Goa has now demanded Special Status.

He demanded that the land allotted for a golf course project in Terekhol should be reverted back to its owners.

He admits that the erstwhile Congress government had allotted 9.90 lakh sq mts of land to Leading Hotels Pvt Ltd, for a resort and a golf course project at Terekhol.

The project had then come under scrutiny of the State Level Committee of the Regional Plan 2021, which shrunk down the whole project to eco-tourism with only five per cent of its land.

The locals however were up in arms because the then Congress government had helped Shiv Jathia, the owner of Leading Hotels, to acquire even the tenanted land.

Accordingly, during the BJP regime, on 24 December last year, the town and country planning board revised the proposal and allowed to utilize only 98,000 sq mts of land for the eco-tourism project.

“This is not a small area – almost one lakh sq mts. It has to be reverted back to its tenants”, said Sardinha at a press conference today.

He however maintains silence on the land acquisition during Congress regime, but demands its reversal because the government has now demanded Special Status for Goa, to stop the land being sold to outsiders.

He also kept quite when media pointed out that the demand of Special Status has come forward because most of the Goan land was sold to the outsiders during Congress regime. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Before Francisco Sardinha, the MP South Goa, says a word on golf course project in Terekhol Goans need an explanation as to what has happened to the land given to set up 7 SEZs in Goa! He should not forget that “It was congress government who had given the land to these seven SEZs companies and the very same congress government that latter had to roll back SEZs on account of hue and cry situations that arose in Goa!” These TWO issues, namely golf course and SEZ projects (other projects of congress party could be discussed later), directly points fingers at Goa congress party that they are NOT GOOD PLANNERS instead they are GOOD LOOTERS!

My question to Sardinha: What were you doing when Goa congress party had acquired the land for golf course in Terekhol? How can a project like golf course be FEASIBLE during congress tenure and become UNFEASIBLE during BJP time? OR is it because congress party, after their downfall, realized that they would not get their SHARE from the said project now?

Secondly, Mr. Sardinha GOLF COURSE AND DEMAND FOR SPECIAL STATUS ARE TWO DIFFERENT ISSUES although “sale of land” MIGHT become one of the issue IF AT ALL special status is granted to Goa! Goans have also witnessed “special status” card being played by erstwhile congress government in Goa! As of date, Special Status for Goa is a WISHFUL THINKING!! So, right this moment, let’s not talk about “Ifs” and “Buts”!

Mr. Sardinha, remember “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

- Uday, Margao | 07 th June 2013 16:20


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