Parrikar hesitates to analyse civic poll results

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 13 May 2013 19:25 IST

CM Parrikar addresses media on civic poll results

Chief minister Manohar Parrikar, normally known for even a statistical analysis of elections, does not want to analyse the Ponda and Sankhli civic poll results.

“I am happy that we have come to power in both the municipalities”, said Parrikar at today’s press conference.

He addressed the media today in the BJP party office along with local BJP chief Vinay Tendulkar, spokesperson Damu Naik and Sankhli MLA Pramod Sawant.

In Ponda, the MGP-BJP panel won 11 out of 14 seats.

“In addition, two independents have also supported us now”, he informed.

In Sankhli, he said the BJP has won six out of 11 seats.       

When asked why the BJP could not sweep polls in Sankhli like Ponda but won with a simple majority, he said: “what matters is victory.”


The media also pointed out to him that BJP candidates had won some seats with little margin while asking the reason behind it.

“This is not the time to do such an analysis. In election, victory is more important than anything else”, he said, avoiding reply to the question.

He also smiled and left the question of whether BJP can sweep election only with the help of the MGP and not when it goes alone.

In Sankhli, only five councilors of BJP got elected while it crossed the half mark with the support of Nisha Pokle, an independent, who was not projected as the BJP-supported candidate.

Reacting to Ponda election, he said: “It was drug abuse versus no drug abuse.’

Parrikar promised to fulfill all the promises he made at the election rallies in both Ponda and Sankhli. 

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Francisco , Goa:::

No doubt the Independent candidates will keep an eye on the "colour of the money" and, will pay detailed attention to the "quantity" of it paid by the panels before they decide which side to back.

Colva Panchayat is currently floating like scum/debris in a gutter, as a couple of Pancha`s are haggling over "dirty money "before they decide whose side to take in granting NOC`s.

The biggest black money extortionists in Goa are those that run the Panchayats.

Many have become super-rich overnight and own palatial Mansions, several Flats & a fleet of luxury cars.

Many have not even completed school. So crime is their next best way of earning a living and Panchayats are the breeding grounds for this criminal activities.

MLAs too ,are heavily involved in the corrupt activities of Panchayats. Many interfere in its functioning.

The Goa Government is completely impotent when it comes to cleaning out the corruption & mess in nearly every Panchayat.

Nearly every Goan I know complains about the Panchayats.

- N.Fernandes, London | 14 th May 2013 13:19


The results of Sankhli civic polls show that it is a tie between two panels and the independent candidate will decide who will come to power.

That is the fact of the results.

- Francisco, Goa | 13 th May 2013 19:45


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