Parrikar anti-Bahujan Samaj, just not Marathi: Andolan

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 19 April 2013 18:57 IST

Marathi Rajbhasha Andolan has alleged that chief minister Manohar Parrikar, having belonging to the upper caste, is suppressing the Bahujan Samaj by singlehandedly not allowing Marathi to become Goa’s official language.

The Andolan has also alleged that Bahujan Samaj leaders like Shripad Naik are made the political victims solely because they support the cause of making Marathi the official language.

Pradip Ghadi Amonkar, chief convenor of Andolan, even alleged that the BJP is reportedly planning to have disciplinary action against their North Goa convenor Ashok Naik (a BJP member) because he spoke against the BJP leadership, which is suppressing the cause of Marathi.

“The ruling party denied ticket to Shripad in Porvorim. Now, in Lok Sabha election, they would give him ticket and make him lose the election as Bahujan Samaj won’t vote for him due to Marathi issue”, said Andolan spokesperson Adv Ajitsing Rane.

According to them, Parrikar is paying lip  service to the cause of Marathi by making tall statements in the Assembly how Marathi has built his personality but not making any move to make it Goa’s official  language.

“All the BJP MLAs support our cause of Marathi but are scared to speak against their leader Parrikar”, alleged Rane.

According to them, the BJP wants to exploit the cause of Marathi solely for political gains by postponing it for the next three years.

“They will rake up the issue again during the next Assembly election and would dump it again once they come to power”, predicted Ghadi Amonkar.

He also said Parrikar is following the line of Shashikala Kakodkar, Pratapsing Rane and Ramakant Khalap, who exploited Marathi for political gains but then sabotaged the prime cause of making it an official language.

However, the Andolan could not reply to two questions posed by the media persons at the press conference held today:

  1. Why is Andolan blaming one Parrikar as the upper caste if three leaders belonging to Bahujan Samaj have also sabotaged the cause of Marathi?
  2. Why term upper caste as enemies of Marathi when all the temple committees, of which they are Mahajans, use only Marathi and not Konkani in the temples? is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Maaymarathichya naavaavar swataaachi potagi bharuya. The office bearers of Marathi Academy have been eating grant and other money in the name of maaymarathi.

It is the same thing ever where enjoy power, position, make money, get grant money by showing false love to Marathi/Konkani. The prime objective is to loot.

- Janardan, Goa | 20 th April 2013 09:51


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