Consultants to draft new tourism master plan 2063

PTI, PANAJI | 01 April 2013 21:21 IST

The Goa government has decided to review all tourism projects in the state by consultants and set a target for the industry with a vision for the year 2063.

State Tourism Minister Dilip Parulekar told the state assembly today that the review would be part of the tourism masterplan and tourism policy for the state, which would be drafted by consultants.

Parulekar said 15 consultancy firms have applied for the tender for preparing the tourism master plan and tourism policy. 

Consultants will have to outline key priorities for Goan tourism industry for the next 30 years, set out as short- term, medium and long-term priorities as well as identify and map an inventory of all existing tourism and recreation assets. 

"They will be asked to review the tourism projects initiated by government and various private agencies in the region, lessons learnt from these projects and products," the minister said in a written reply. 

Consultants will be asked to review the existing tourism infrastructure available at various tourist destinations, he said, adding various projects would also be enumerated within the sustainability paradigm to increase tourism. 

Parulekar said consultants winning the tender would also have to study and forecast likely future patterns of tourism, themes and tourism market trends. 

Consultants would have to project both foreign and domestic tourist arrivals for the coming 50 years, tourist expenditure, key requirements for tourists and the potential impact of tourism on the environment and socio-economic milieu, he said. 

Consultant would also have to collect data on tourist opinions and expenditures, including in-depth understanding about why tourists visit Goa's different destinations and what types of attractions would draw their interest. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Dr. B.S. Dahiya , LU-16, Pitampura, Delhi-110034:

Don't forget to reserve some space/place ,for slum dwellers /ghettoes to service these attractions you propose.

These slums & Ghettoes are an essential tool (Vote-bank), for Politicians to get elected.

It is unavoidable, in the scheme of your dreams/fantasies

Please remember that some space will be required for open urination/defecation or natures calls. The Goa Government does not provide toilet facilities to migrant labourers. The fragrance generated by this will over power you and all your senses.You will either love it or hate it!!

Pay a visit to Dabolim, Zuari Nagar, Queeny Nagar,Moti Dongor,indira nagar etc, and you will get my drift.

You will not find much Goan Labour.

Many Goan s have had to change professions or had to go abroad due to the escalating costs of living.

Goan labour wages too, have been undercut by an infestation of migrant labour.

For each job available to a Goan, there are 100 migrants ready to do it much cheaper. After all the migrants do not have to maintain a house/properties or even toilets, as they live in tarpaulin huts.

As for the current Minster for Tourism, "Sleepy Joe" Parulekar, I better warn you ,that he has more fantasies and ideas than basic common sense.

Mr Parulekar is in a hurry to please his Master Mr Parrikar that he is worth this Post.

Dilip Parulekar also suffers from chronic "delusions of grandeur". He is convinced that he can change Goa to a Disneyland and a Hedonistic playground.

Now before I leave , I better advise you to act fast ,as Goans are fed-up of mega projects ,migrants & concretization of Goa and are demanding Special Status. If this happens or takes place, you may find yourself having to consider living permanently in New Delhi and establishing your schemes/fantasies elsewhere.

Additionally, if you are granted permission to construct your dreams, please ensure that you keep ready 15-20% for Bribes and to grease the palms of Politicians & bureaucrats.

Just to give you an idea , the Ex-PWD Minister, Mr Churchill Alemao and his daughter Valanka Alemao(an aspiring but failed Politician) are known to take 15% in back-room commissions. If you cannot give them this amount, you will be cursed, with foul language.

I must tell you , that Mr Churchill Alemao became a Minster of science , Research & development by just passing STD.7 in school. He is also a well accomplished Gold smuggler. You will see it on his fingers and around his neck.

I hope this "tongue in cheek" advice, from me will come in handy for you.

- N.Fernandes, London | 13 th May 2013 00:19


Let me establish a spectacular world-class ornamental oceanarium, laser-show, rotating sky tower and food court on my piece of land measuring 11 acres (44000 sq. mts.).

The land is facing Mopa-NH-17 link road.

- Dr. B.S. Dahiya, LU-16, Pitampura, Delhi-110034 | 12 th May 2013 20:12


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