Satisfied, but not happy; says CM after 1 year

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 09 March 2013 12:43 IST

On the completion of one year of his tenure, chief minister Manohar Parrikar spoke to the whole media of Goa. Instead of interviewing him on the same lines, thought of compiling startling statements of Parrikar and submit it to the readers.

Almost to all the newspapers, Parrikar said he is satisfied but not happy with his performance.

He appeared to be hurt with extreme negativism of some elements, who create hurdles in revamping the state administration rather than pointing out mistakes on a positive note.

He spoke at length to everybody and following are the salient features has identified.


-          Difficult to control corruption if two persons do it amicably. But harassment for underhand dealing has definitely stopped. Also corruption does not mean only making money but also bad treatment by the administration. I have managed to stop that. (Gomantak)

-          Digambar Kamat government compelled even non-corrupt officers to become corrupt. I have managed to minimize corruption and streamline administration in one year while there was maladministration prevailing for the last seven years. (Tarun Bharat)

-          Expecting newly appointed Lokayukta to join in March. Lokayukta then can start functioning from April. (Times of India)


-          Administration is limping back on track. Digambar government literally ruined the administration. I have brought it out from the ICU and out of the hospital. (Gomantak Times)

-          I have laid a foundation of good administration in 2012. Fruits of it would be visible after some years. (Gomantak)

-          My focus is on making administration sensitive to people’s problems, not mere bureaucratic efficiency. (Tarun Bharat)

-          One industrialist told me you are the CEO of Goa. I said, No. You are lucky. You can appoint your MDs and decide who can be your subordinates. You can also kick out a person who does not work. But, for me, my subordinates are decided by the earlier government and my colleagues are decided by the people of the state. I have to overcome a much more difficult task that the CEO of a company. (Herald)


-          The villains of mining are many and I am definitely not saying Claude Alvares is a villain. But I think Claude is going overboard. If Claude was serious about the issue, he could have associated with the government and done good things without damage. But he went for the kill. Obviously, I have to defend the government. (Herald)

-          All those Congressmen involved in mining scam will be exposed in the upcoming Assembly session. (Gomantak Times)

-          Mining is a complicated scam. No FIR can be filed without proper study. That’s why filing FIR against those involved in it is getting delayed. (Dainik Herald)

-          The work on filing FIR is in progress and next year you will see more hungama. I may not arrest them (Digambar and Rane) but surely they would be charged. (Times of India)

-          Courts cannot hold 20 per cent population of Goa to ransom and sit on a case for months together after giving ex-parte stay. It’s a responsibility of the Supreme Court to hear the case in one or two months. (Times of India)


-          Law and order is better than the tenure of previous government. People are alert and they go to police station to file complaints. We are recruiting new force with total transparency. (Goa Doot)

-          Law and order is improving slowly. The increase is number of cases is because police are actually registering cases. But I agree that statistics is not very good. (Times of India)

-          Police force recruitment is on with total transparency with interviews held under the scanner of close circuit cameras. (Dainik Herald)


-          I don’t want to comment on Medium of Instruction issue. We will take a right decision at a right time. (Sunaparant)

-          Decision on giving grants to private English medium schools would be taken by the experts. I won’t comment on it. But we gave permission to around 70 Konkani and Marathi primary schools this year. Around 1400 students shifted to regional languages. Isn’t it a positive decision on our part? (Goa Doot)


-          Budget would be youth-centric. Employment and improvisation of job skill would be the focus. Revenue performance would be done without taxing the common man. This budget would be more effective than last year. (Goa Doot)

-          Loss due to mining ban has been to the tune of Rs 700 to 800 crore. By next year, it will come down t Rs 200 to 300 crore. (Sunaparant)


-          No plans to reshuffle the cabinet or their portfolios. In fact some would be given more portfolios, but only after reviewing their performance in December and preparing their progress card. (Goa Doot)

-          Ministers are new and they need some training. They have to be told what is expected and what has not happened. They need to understand how to perform. (Times of India)


-          Lord Ram is my idol, but in personal behavior. I run the government with Lord Krishna as my model. His tactics of war, intelligence and fighting for truth is what I follow in ruling the state. (Tarun Bharat)

-          I handle 100 to 200 files a day. 500 minutes minimum if one file is disposed in five minutes. Also I get around 200 emails and letters a day. Even if I decide to read only 100 among it, I would require two to three hours every day. (Goa Doot)

-          Even at 57, I am able to put in 16-18 hours, may be the same level I was doing 12 years ago. You can’t do the same at 65-70. Sometimes you have to take bold, quick decisions. That ability comes down with age. I would prefer to retire before that.  (Herald)

-          No human being can be perfect. He is bound to commit mistakes. But I have not committed any mistake deliberately. I have also reviewed certain wrong decisions, which were taken as right decisions but realized the mistake later. (Tarun Bharat)

-          Compared to my previous tenure, I am quite sober now. I was too arrogant then. Now I have managed to change myself. (Dainik Herald)

-          I am a Scorpion. I don’t go to hurt anybody. But if somebody deliberately hurts me, I don’t leave him. (Tarun Bharat)

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these all are pilla. there is nothing substantive in it. this just shows that he is not parrikar but a bundalist pillakar

- bhushan, panaji | 10 th March 2013 04:36


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