Govt not benefiting the people: Shripad

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 16 January 2013 23:47 IST

Bharatiya Janata Party’s seniormost leader and North Goa MP Shripad Naik has expressed dissatisfaction over the functioning of the Manohar Parrikar government.

He has also not denied the observation that the party organization has gone into the hands of a coterie, without naming anybody in particular.

While Shripad was denied Porvorim ticket during the last Assembly election, this time is the Jansampark Abhiyan that was flagged off by chief minister Manohar Parrikar yesterday.

The Abhiyan banner highlights only Parrikar.

“I heard that he had promised the voters to come back to them after election. He is doing his work in his way. I am doing mine my way”, said Shripad.

While the Abhiyan moved into his North Goa constituency from Panaji, Shripad was seen moving in South Goa, in Margao.

He murmured when asked whether he was sidelined in the Abhiyan. “Not exactly”, he said.

However, he was frank enough to tell that he was not satisfied with the government functioning.

“The government is not reaching out to the common people. This is a matter of concern”, he said.

He also did not deny the observation that the party organization is controlled by a coterie.

“You may look at it in a different way from outside. I neither say it’s wrong nor counter it”, said Shripad.

BJP state president Vinay Tendulkar however dismissed the theory of sidelining Shripad.

“He will come and join the Abhiyan some or other day”, he said, but could not tell when and where.

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so shripad finally you opened your eyes. Your party is not your party it is a party of niz goenkars a.k.a prabhu parrikars, desh prabhus, kholkars, savaikars, dhonds, sar dessais, nadkarnis and so on. This is the full meaning of hindutva. So sit with vishnu wagh and baby go back to sleep. And dont be a castist. Its a very bad thing for your health.

- shivraj, aldona | 23 rd January 2013 09:48


Shripad, why are you kicking an axe? man, don't be a fool, now that 2014 elections are stone throw away. If you spoil your relations with the current BJP you will be lost. Besides you are an MP and they cannot involve you in the local Govt.

You are lucky you didn't contest Provorim otherwise politically you would have been finished. Don't rely too much on caste politics, it will not help you all the time! wonder what service you did for the people in the past 4 years! Even your son couldn't win a panchayat election. Go see yourself in a mirror.

- Yagneshwar Naik, Ponda | 18 th January 2013 07:14


I know what he means, make me the CM and I show you what I can do. He calls himself a disciplined soldier of party and at the next instance come out in public criticize his own BJP govt. and break that discipline!

- Manni, Italy | 18 th January 2013 06:07


There is nothing new in this. these things are happening for last two assembly elections related to Sripad Naik bhau. Sripad Bhau is honest party worker so might be controlling all this things to save it may be dedication to save the organasation.He is honest party worker.

- Dinesh Sawant, kopardem , Valpoi | 17 th January 2013 21:03


All news websites want to create a rift in the govt and will spread rumours. There is always a difference between what is actually said and what is reported.

Readers should apply their judgement and common sense when believing in what is reported. Everything can be twisted by the media. This happened 7 years ago when all the media houses spread falsehoods against Parrikar. People foolishly believed them and we got a non-performing govt.

We should not make the mistake this time. We now have a performing govt that needs to succeed with our support in the next 5 years.

- Melvyn, Agacaim | 17 th January 2013 08:57


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