Opinion Poll was a farce: Shashikala

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 09 January 2013 23:52 IST

An age-old controversy over Opinion Poll was raked up once again at the Legislators’ Day today, which ended up in former chief minister Shashikala Kakodkar terming Opinion Poll as a farce and cheating.

The only plebiscite held in free India was the Opinion Poll on 16 January 1967, to decide whether Goa should remain separate or be merged with Maharashtra.

While remembering the first opposition leader of Goa Assembly Dr Jack de Sequeira for his contribution in retaining Goa’s separate identity, former MLA Radharao Gracias today said Goa’s first chief minister Bhausaheb Bandodkar was all out to destroy Goa.

“He wanted to destroy Goan identity by merging Goa into Maharashtra. But it was Dr Jack de Sequeira who fought to retain Goan identity through Opinion Poll”, said Gracias.

In retaliation, Shashikala Kakodkar, Bandodkar’s daughter and his successor as the chief minister, rose up in protest.

It was not only Dr Sequeira but many more people and especially those from Margao who fought the battle of Opinion Poll, she observed.

“Bandodkar was demanding Goa’s merger into Maharashtra and not in Portugal or Spain”, she said angrily.

In a heat of anger, Shashikala also alleged that Opinion Poll was a farce and sheer cheating.

To authenticate her statement, she reminded the legislators – present and former – the statement made by former chief minister Luizinho Faleiro at a function to release a book on Opinion Poll, written by Rajan Narayan and published by Salgaoncar Foundation.

“He stood up and said that he was 15-year old (no voting right), but voted twice in the Opinion Poll”, said Shashikala.

To calm down the tension, chief minister Manohar Parrikar in his speech said he would like to get inspiration from positive events of the history and not the negative ones.

“Bhau was a great visionary and his contribution to Goa’s development and especially educational field cannot be forgotten”, said Parrikar.

He also recalled that he was a witness to the appeal during Opinion Poll to vote against merger if people wanted Bhau to continue as Goa’s chief minister.

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Previous Comments

Shashikala is just frustrated.

When i heard her talking in an interview by an english channel(This was regarding the english/konkani medium education)..I remember her double standards in that interview and the reporter even asked her if she is for konkani medium then why were her close kins studying in english medium schools.she wants education in konkani medium but her relatives(close kins) are in english medium.

HER statements about merging goa to portugal or spain is meaningless..it shows her mentality.She still cannot digest that goa is a seperate state.

- Brian, USA | 12 th January 2013 02:29


If Bandodkar was demanding the merger of Goa into Spain or Portugal, it would have been more welcome. As rightly said, Tai is become a spent force in politics and should retire herself to the kitchen or attend to the needs of her grandchildren if any. My suggestion as a son of the soil is for her to go and settle in Maharashtra, and Goa is not the place for such backstabbers and inborn traitors.

- C. Parras, Goa | 11 th January 2013 12:59


Francisco G. Lourenco , London::::

Shashikala Kakodkar has no sense of "shame" or "Guilt".

For this reason she will find any silly excuse to explain her & her fathers failure at merging Goa with Maharastra.

As for Luizinho Faleiro, I believe he is a typical Goan Politician, and his remarks were made in jest.

- N.Fernandes, London | 11 th January 2013 00:47


Grapes are sour for Shashikala. They could not manage to win the Opinion Poll and merge Goa into Maharashtra.

She should know that she would not become Chief Minister if Goa was merged in Maharashtra. How could Goa be merged in Portugal or Spain. That is meaningless statement.

Frustrated Shashikala is a spent force in Goan politics.

We know it is not only Dr. Jack de Sequeira but many other leaders like Purushottam Kakodkar and others who worked tirelessly to maintain separate identity of Goa by winning the Opinion Poll.

By quoting Luisinho that he was 15 years old during Opinion Poll and still voted twice, she cannot call it a farce.

She is still not proud to be a Goan. Perhaps wants to be a Maharashtrain Goan.

- Francisco G. Lourenco, London | 10 th January 2013 16:00


While most people have a 180% vision of life, it seems like Shashikala Kakodkar, has just 30%.

Sadly there are too many jumped-up or bumped -up Politicians in Goa.

Goans remember Jack Sequeira far more than D.Bandodkar.

Jack Sequeira ensured hat Goa remained unique and many are now enjoying the furits of that vision.

Had Goa merged with Maharastra, it would heve been no more, than a District or Province and ruled by a Panchayat style Local government.

- N.Fernandes, London | 10 th January 2013 00:34


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