Inefficients to be dropped, performance audit by June: CM

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 15 December 2012 20:41 IST

Chief minister Manohar Parrikar has said that he would drop the minster or change his portfolio if he is found to be not performing.

He plans to present his first performance audit in June, soon after the monsoon budget.

He also admitted that corruption still exists at bureaucratic level, but claimed that it has come down drastically.

Parrikar attended his first ever public interaction in Panaji at the initiative taken by Friends of Good Governance today.

He was reminded of his election promise of having performance audit every six months while nine months are already over.

He said the promise was delayed due to code of conduct of local elections, during which time the government could not perform.

Though delayed by three months, Parrikar now plans to come out with his first performance audit soon after monsoon Assembly session ends in June.

He also said if he finds any minister is found to be not performing, he would either drop him or change his or her portfolio.

Replying to a question of pressure from the mining lobby, Parrikar during the interaction admitted that there is lots of pressure from the mining lobby he is facing, but he takes no pressure.

On a question of building parallel economy to mining, Parrikar said he was also toying with an idea of dredging rivers and Selaulim reservoir and auction the extracted iron ore.

The chief minister claims that Selaulim reservoir itself contains around 15 to 20 MT of iron ore.

He was of the opinion that mining dumps are causing damage to environment and need to be removed.

Parrikar also said he has already started focusing on agriculture, animal husbandry and hinterland tourism as an alternate economy of Goa. 

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Performance of not only Ministers but also Chairpersons of Corporations and higher officers in the administration need to be checked periodically.

I understand that 'MATKA' gambling still continues. Manohar should try to stop this as many families get ruined because of this matka gambling.

Also look for more non-polluting industries. Goa has . been concentrating on mining to a large extent. All eggs should not be laid in the same basked. We need diversification.

Pisciculture is one area where Goa can do well. Young men and women interested can do it in so many areas in Goa and technical guidance can be taken from National Institute of Oceanography or other agencies. This, if done properly, fetches lot of profits.

Another area is floriculture as we have many hotels and flowers of good quality are in demand.

Dredging rivers and Selaulim reservoir are excellent ideas as this will benefit in the long run.

- Francisco G. Lourenco, London | 16 th December 2012 17:48


Mr Parrikar could start with the Panchayats & Mamlatadars.

These are hotbeds of corruption, that every common man has to endure.

Time wasting,bogus planning laws & excuses and placing ordinary Citizens in extreme hardships is a well known Panchayat ploy to extract bribes.

Members of Panchayats should also declare their Assets at the start of their Term.

It is shockimg to see & hear how many have become super-rich in a short spell of time.Worse many of these Panchas are uneducated and would have required hundered of years to acheive such riches.

- N.Fernandes, London | 15 th December 2012 21:34


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