CCTV in shacks; no loud music after 6

PTI, PANAJI | 26 September 2012 23:07 IST

Shacks dotting the Goa beaches will now have to install CCTV cameras round-the-clock as per the Beach Shack Policy guidelines adopted by the state government on Wednesday.

"All shacks will compulsorily have to install CCTV cameras and shoot the activities there for 24 hours. Those who fail to set up the cameras will have their licences cancelled," Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said after the Goa Cabinet approved the policy guidelines on regulating the functioning of these temporary restaurants allowed to be set up during monsoon.

Mr Parrikar said that the number of shacks at the beaches having high tourist density has come down by 10 percent in Calangute-Sinquerim belt.

The new norms ban setting up of shacks at the turtle nesting spots like Morjim and Agonda which are protected places under the Wildlife Protection Act. It is also mandatory for shacks surrounding these spots not to play loud music after 6 PM and resist from having bright lights.

As part of the stringent measures to curb illegalities on the seashore, the Parrikar government has set up a Task Force, headed by tourism department officials, who will take action on daily basis against such activities.

Around 250 policemen will be the part of the special unit which is given mandate to confiscate illegal beach beds and take action against unauthorised vendors.

The beach beds are now allowed only within three meters of shacks. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Why do we need shacks on the beaches? What sort of quality employment does it provide to our locals? It is another way of looting the tourists. All the workers there are outsiders. They are sub leased to outsiders. They are involved in illigalities and trades behind the curtains. Shacks are the nuisance on the beaches and the trend should be discouraged. We have enough hotels, resorts, restaurants on all the beaches. Only these hotels, restaurants hiegine must be improved.

Mr Parrikar should not budge illogical demends of the shack owner. He should force them to accept the rules formulated under the new shack policy. Take it or leave lt. Those who can afford and are sincere, willing to work within the law will start the operations, rest will leave. Better for Goa tourism. Minus shacks our beaches will be clean and more fresher.

- Ratikant, UAE | 28 th September 2012 21:07



In an earlier comment on the smoking ban and due to ambigious Reports in the Press, I was given the impression that SMOKING and the Sale of Tobacco products was banned everywhere.

However it has been reported today that the ban only applies to SALE OF TOBACCO AT "EATERIES".


- n.fernandes, London | 27 th September 2012 12:55


2 issues that Mr Parrikar will have to once make a U-turn on, is banning of music after 6pm and a complete ban on smoking.

Drugs are illegal in Goa. However , being illegal and a punishable offence, if caught, it is still readily available and thereas is a fair trade of drug smuggling that takes place.

The drug scene had never decreased. It has only increased.

The complete ban on Smoking & availability, will soon be another area where a lot of illegalities & smuggling takes place.

There will also be an increase of trade in fake and more dangerous & carcegenic (poisonous) cigarettes .

As much as smoking of cigarettes is bad, it will have a detrimental effect on Tourists & Tourism.

Goans have been banned from Casinos.Tourists have been permitted.So I assume a ban on smoking will similarly not be applicable to tourists as soon as Mr Parrikar & his Cabined make a U-turn.Most likely when they see the revenues decrease.

Music.: Banning loud music after 6pm in shacks,will also have a detrimental effect on tourism.Shacks will lose their ambience.A far better policy would be to lower the decibel rate (loudness)of music played/heard.

The Goa Govt. will have to determine what level constitutes as "Loud" music.A blanket ban will be ill-advised.

Goa Police are not well known for their intergrity or Policing capabilities.They are better known for their corruptnedss & illegalities.

With a ban on Cigarettes & loud music,they will surely increase their illegal incomes.These bans, must be music to their years.

What is strange is and bizzare, the the current Goa Government considers the pollutants like dust & sediments from Mining as healthy to both , humans,the ecology,the faua & flora & the envrionment.

But mining will not be banned,even though the ill-effects are much more dangerous & harmful than loud music or.


After all it is a well known fact that for many of Goa`s MLA`s

Mining..specially illegal mining provides them with a personal & undeclared income.

All that is let now, is to await yet another the U-Turn and a lame excuse for it.

- n.fernandes, London | 27 th September 2012 00:26


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