Parliament time wasted; but it's democratic: Jaitley

PTI, PANAJI | 09 September 2012 21:18 IST

BJP national president Arun Jaitley today said that the UPA government has completely exhausted its mandate to rule the nation and is currently in power by manipulating the smaller political parties.

“The Prime minister should start introspecting whether UPA’s mandate has been completely exhausted. We believe, it has been,” Jaitley told a press conference in Goa today.

He alleged that the UPA was manipulating using the investigating agencies.

“They have been misusing the investigating agencies. “UPA will be in power as far as they manage to manipulate the smaller parties,” Jaitley commented.

Referring to the coal block scam, the BJP leader said that the leadership and credibility of UPA has been completely eroded.

“There is complete policy paralysis which has resulted in complete inability to govern or give directions to the country,” Jaitley added.

Responding to a question, the BJP leader said that the party’s act of not allowing the parliament to function was `democratic means to seek justice.’

“I agree that the time of parliament is wasted. But debates can happen even outside the parliament,” he said.

He further added that `in past party’s action of not allowing the parliament to function resulted in inquiry in 2G scam and cleansing of telecom sector.’

“By not allowing the parliament, we are now aiming to cleanse the coal sector,” he added. 

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Our  Judiciary should look into the present affairs of the central government. This central governemnet lead by  madams puppet MMS and the entire congress party should be punsished by law for their scams, inaction, irregularitires, lackadaisical and callous attitude. This congress party has robbed the poor people right from our independence. Corrupt and con men loot the aam aadmi left and right. The inflation is at its peak and no  one knows where will it stop. The rupee is at its lowest and it has lost its value by more than 25% since -August  2011. Further all worthless and hopeless opposition MPs and MLAs sitting in the parliament and wasting poor tax payers money should also be punished by law.

- Ratikant, UAE | 17 th September 2012 23:30


I have to agree with Mr. Jaitley to a certain extent that wasting time has become democratic .The quality of the debates in the Parliament has gone down and the debates do not bear any fruits. The government of the day keeps on doing the wrongs without heeding to any advise from the opposition . So why discuss and waste time and money of the taxpayers ? It's time to go for the Presidential system of government where the president will get the chance to appoint people of quality as his secretaries to handle all different portfolios.

- A. Pinto, Olaulim | 10 th September 2012 14:05


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