People cry for passports; office cries for manpower

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 02 September 2012 20:31 IST

Goa’s passport office is struggling with manpower crunch while Goans are finding it hard to get their passports instantly in spite of on-line application facility being made available.

Goa’s passport office, situated at Patto Plaza in Panaji, is presently managing the office by outsourcing its major manpower functions to Tata Consultancy.

On the other hand, the applicants are finding it difficult to get their passport application in, due to rigidity of the passport office over requirement of supporting documents.

Though requirement of basic documents has been defined properly with several options and combinations, the passport office insists on production of additional documents that compels people to make frequent trips to the office.

The biggest headache however is getting the appointment of the passport officer on-line, as the applicant struggles for days together to get the appointment within a minute.

The applicant has to sit on-line and has to seek the appointment exactly at 7.30 pm, which lasts only for one minute.

The clock shown on the passport office website does not get updated automatically but only after refreshing the page, thus making it difficult to the applicant to take appointment within a minute.

The facility was earlier made available for five minutes, but the number of appointments made it difficult for the passport office to dispose of the applications.

Even within a minute, not less than 150 applicants succeed in getting the appointment.

According to passport officer Krishna Kumar, the office is equipped to manage not more than 120 applicants per day.

“In spite of manpower crunch, we entertain not less than 150 to 175 applicants every day”, he said.

The local passport office has only two passport officers who, according to him, are not enough to handle the flow of applications.

Besides on-line appointments, Kumar also allows walk-in appointments as applicants line up in front of his office.

While he admits that people are put to hardship due to these issues, he feels the problem could be solved if the number of passport officers is increased.

People, on the other hand, are however getting agitated over it day by day as some of them have been struggling for months together to get their applications in and then get it approved from the passport officer.

Most of these applicants include job seekers and even those who have been assured jobs abroad but cannot make it in time simply because their passport is delayed.  

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I been tring to get appointment to renew my son passport for last 2 month Its frastating still i could not get appointmnet. My son visa going to expire by 31Nov2012. Passport authority has to take proper measure to give appointment within 1 week. no were in the world will take more then 1 month to take appointment. Mr. Parikar has to immediatly solve this problem. lots of people working abroad may loose their job.

- Michael, canacona goa | 23 rd November 2012 22:50


Additional Passport Officer(s) need to be posted in this office.

That will, most likely, solve the problem.

- Francisco G. Lourenco, London | 07 th October 2012 18:04


Immigration & Passport Control at Goa Airport is no better.

Looks like the place is being run by a bunch of monkeys.

During a recent visit I had to stand in a queue for 3 hours at immigration control.

It was utter chaos with 3 flight due to leave at the same about time.

It was sad to see little children, elderly & infirm tourists .mothers with infants, having to queue (standing up)up for 3-4 hours.

Goa airport needs more immigration personnell and a Airport Manager that thinks "on his feet"!!

While in the queue, many tourists stated they would not be returning to Goa as the experience at the airport ruined their holiday.

- N Fernandes-London, London | 04 th September 2012 12:53


1. Goa has nearly 50,000 government employees for a population of 13.5 lakh, which include 3.5 lakhs migrants. The state has one of the highest government employee-population ratios in the country. 2. The Goa passport office has 2 passport officers, each application to process should not take more than 5 minutes. Hence, if we take 7hrs/day without lunch break, each officer could easily handle 84 average applications/day i.e.168 for 2 officers. Hence Krishna Kumar agrees that his 2 officers are incompetent and should be terminated. 3. Tata Consultancy, including their staff and software, is incompetent and are too weak in managing appointment calendar. They need to learn from American embassy on how to maintain appointment calendar. Central Govt ignored other software experts which could be due to Tata closeness to Congress. 4. Goan people sometime lose jobs overseas due to delay in getting their passports. People are ready to pay even extra and hence Parrikar Govt could utilize our unemployment youth to facilitate work at passport office.

- Goa for Goans, Goa | 03 rd September 2012 20:16


when we know the reasons for being not able to handle the crowd,the solution is simple. but there is no willingness to solve the problem because not solving the problem helps agents to make money.

you have rightly said, the documents required are simple but the office insists for additional documents which adds to problems and waste of time and money.

why not allow to upload the documents online and as per the list and qualify the person for passport if these match.

this will reduce the time and requirement for more officials.

in Goa we have peculiar problem of birth certificate in early sixties being written in Potuguese where there are differences in Spellings of Names.This is because of phonetic difference which should be considered as minor change in name.

one feels more frustrated because genuine people are harassed.

there is urgent need to solve the problems.

- subodh, margao | 03 rd September 2012 11:23


why no manpower, lot of our Goans are looking for jobs.

- John W D Souza, Margoa Goa | 02 nd September 2012 21:06


What is the use of the online system!? One minute to make appointment!!! Isnt this a bloody waste of money!! Wasnt the earlier format better!?! So wot if Agents made money! Isnt this public harassment, and cant we not file a Police complaint against people who harass us!!!!!

- VERNON FERNANDES, Panjim | 02 nd September 2012 20:39


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